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Birthday Button

I remember back in seventh grade, a girl in my art class named Savannah got her bellybutton pierced. I remember being a bit shocked, somewhat disgusted, at the little girl with the red gem glistening from her midriff. I remember being intrigued. I wanted one. I pictured myself with a little silver and purple bar, showing it off like Savannah, gleefully posing in swimsuits with my bling, since I was into that back then. However, the thoughts quickly faded into the background as school became more intense, and friends more reluctant to encourage my shenanigans.

A few years later, I became obsessed with piercings. I only had my first lobes done, but I knew I wanted more. The December of my freshman year in high school, I tried to pierce my bellybutton. I'd done my research, bought some jewelry, and found an extra large, extremely sharp safety pin to use. I carefully cleaned and marked the spot. My first try, I only managed to get the pin halfway through before I freaked out, stopped, and went to bed. Next night, tried again. Two thirds way through, was shaking too much to continue. Third night, all the way through. However, I had an allergic reaction to the pin and was forced to pull it out.

After that, I gave up my dreams of a bellybutton piercing until I was old enough to get it done myself. A few weeks after my attempt and stomach stabbing, I had my second holes done. A year and a half later, I had a double helix done in my right ear. After that, my mom informed me I wasn't allowed any more piercings. She even tried to say no more even when I was a legal adult, or she wouldn't help with any college and would kick me out of the house. I thought that was a bit infair, I told her I only wanted my bellybutton and maybe third lobes, but she wouldn't listen. I gave up.

Awhile later, there seemed to be a slew of girls I knew getting pierced. Several coworkers compared jewelry they all got together, I saw pictures on Facebook of all the girls with their pretty little rings on their stomachs. I wanted it, I couldn't have it. Summer time, bikini time, and half my friends had their navels pierced. It was maddening.

Then the day of my seventeenth birthday came. I was at the mall with my best friend Victoria, looking at a rack of beautiful belly rings. I mentioned how much I'd always wanted a navel piercing, she suggested I get it done. One issue: to get it done in Texas, you needed parental permission if under eighteen, and that wasn't happening. As I mourned this, Victoria had a solution. Her girlfriend's sister does bellybutton piercings.

I hesitated, naturally. The girl was only fourteen, and I was supposed to trust an untrained teen to pierce me? It was dangerous and idiotic. I agreed, As it turned out, the girl had quite a bit of practice, piercing herself and many friends, having just done four the week before. And anyways, you only live once, be stupid.

I bought a gorgeous black titanium barbell with a deep blue gemstone. We drove to Victoria's girlfriend's house. Jacy walked up and asked if I was the girl she was piercing, I said yes. I'd met Jacy before, and was surprised at the number of piercings she had for such a young girl. She had always been a bit precocious.

Jacy took my jewelry and cleaned it, along with a rather terrifying sewing needle she had. She told me to lay down on the floor. I squeezed Victoria's hand as Jacy loomed over me, Sharpie in hand, marking the spot to stab. When she was all done, she put the needle against my skin and told me to take a deep breath in. As I breathed out, she pushed it through. Another breath, and the jewelry was in.

I only had a moment to admire her handiwork before I noticed the blood. Of course, blood. My bellybutton was the bloodiest of all of my piercings so far, but it was not the most painful.

After the blood dried and the swelling went down, a few hours later I did a sea salt soak on my new navel. It was perfect. I looked in the mirror, my new jewelry perfectly positioned on my stomach. It healed well, few complications, and stopped hurting completely after a day and a half.

My only challenge is hiding it from my parents for the year until I'm an adult, but until then... Going strong, not regretting it in the slightest, though I don't recommend having your best friend's girlfriend's fourteen year old sister pierce anything on the living room floor, or anywhere else for that matter. Not the best decision I ever made, but this time it didn't have consequences to my physical health. My mental health if discovered is another matter entirely.


submitted by: LittleMissNutjob
on: 24 Nov. 2011
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Thursday, May 2, 2013 @9:48 p.m.
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