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Septum, because I felt like it!

Well! I've just got back from a jaunt into town to get my septum pierced.

As I'm sure a lot of you have done, I woke up this morning thinking that today, I fancy something new. I've been thinking about getting my conch done, but as my scaffold is only a year old and still gets angry sometimes, I think Ill wait to get that done once I have at least one side to sleep on!

I hadn't had anything pierced for two years - I've got various already including tongue, navel, bites, vertical nipples, scaffold, 22mm lobes - and have wanted my septum done for absolutely years, but have been waiting for the best time to do it. I'm in between jobs at the moment, as I've only just moved to Newcastle (Upon Tyne) so I thought that it would be a great time to have a visible piercing done, and then hopefully once I'm working again it'll be healed and I can flip it. I also thought it would be cool to have a new piercing to go with moving to a new town, I don't really know why.

Although I've sat through hours of tattooing, I still get the pre-piercing jitters. I found a link online this morning for Hype Tattoo Studio while browsing for studios in Newcastle- I'm new to the area so haven't got the option to just pop into my usual artist. Their website was informative and they really sounded like they knew what they were doing, and the gallery had some great photos on so I went straight to them. They're right in the heart of the city so I could find them, luckily.

When I walked in the guy behind the desk was lovely, and after I had gone to the ATM and come back, I chatted away to him and the grandmother of a girl getting pierced before me. When she came back upstairs (her cheek piercing looked great) I followed Andy down the stairs down into a tidy, clean little room where I was asked to have a seat and choose my jewellery.

I picked a smaller, thinner horseshoe ring as I thought it would suit my face best. After my nose was cleaned the whole procedure was explained to me, from the placement to the healing time. He told me that nothing would happen until I was ready, at which point I had a little panic and told him I might not be, ever. I was obviously just being a tit, I always have a mini stress right before I have a scary needle shoved through my flesh. You should see me getting my jabs, I'm a wreck.

To find the sweet spot, Andy put the clamp inside my nostrils, which was probably the bit that felt the weirdest, and tugged at the septum, to see where the cartilage was. Once the clamps could be pulled down without pulling my head with them, they were in the right place.

The piercing itself was quick - less than a second of real pain, then a little break while the needle was clipped off, then a bit of a push while the jewellery was pulled through. Ten seconds for the balls to be screwed on, and I could have a look! The placing looks great so far - its not too far forward or back, and completely straight - and at a height that looks perfect to me. Andy asked me to come back in six to eight weeks if I felt the jewellery was the wrong size, but Ill probably go back to get a retainer anyway as I just like the look of them better.

After I left I walked about town to do some errands and it felt great having a new feature .. I can feel it, but only as a tiny bit of weight. Unless I pout, and then I can feel it with my top lip, which feels great!

As soon as I got out I called my little brother - He and I always promised to get it done together. He was almost as excited as I was. He has, however, been sworn to secrecy - I might be 22, but my mum will still kill me.

I'm looking to get my nipples done horizontally and I will definitely be going back to Hype. They were knowledgeable, professional and really friendly and I felt totally at ease there. Im also going to go in to have a chat about the tattoos I have planned, as their portfolio looks great. There is also a Hype2, so altogether six artists to pick from depending on the style you're after!

Anyway, altogether a great experience, and I am all the happier for the teeny ring going through my nose.


submitted by: amyjames
on: 22 Nov. 2011
in Septum Piercings

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