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4G Scalpelled Tongue

It took me quite a while to build up the courage to get my tongue scalpel pierced. The thought of having someone push a scalpel through my tongue really unnerved me, even though I've had a lot of other piercing experiences this one was very different for me.

Finding a reputable practitioner was never a question for me. I'd been going to the same piercer (Buju - currently working out of 'Alternative Ink' Hollywood, N.Ireland) for a long while, and fully trusted him and his work.

Chatting with Buju about the procedure beforehand really put me at ease. He told me exactly what was going to be done, step by step and gave me every opportunity to ask any questions I had.

We decided that a 4G White Teflon barbell was best for my tongue. He had got these custom made previously and were all internally threaded. He explained that teflon was best for healing large gauge piercings as it is fully autoclave-able, softer and less heavy than surgical steel.

After that i decided to go for it and get it done there and then as i was scared of backing out as it was something I'd wanted for a while. I hadn't eaten anything that day so Buju recommended that I should go and get something before doing the piercing. I took the advice and went and met up with a friend and got some food before returning to the studio. When I went back I was pretty nervous so I hung about for a while and had a few smokes with Buju while he put my mind further at ease about the procedure. I then went back into the studio Buju got me to fill out a consent form and asked me to wait in the waiting room while he went to set up for the piercing.

It wasn't long before I got called back. By this time my stomach was in knots with anticipation. I went into the piercing room and Buju got me to rinse my mouth out with antibacterial mouth wash.

I then sat down on the chair and Buju got me to stick my tongue right out of my mouth so that he could dry my tongue with paper towel before marking out the piercing. He explained that this was necessary as the ink in the marker wouldn't stay if my tongue was wet.

The next part - the clamps - was pretty uncomfortable if I'm honest, not sore, just not natural. Buju told me to take a deep breath in (I knew that it was time, i closed my eyes) The next thing i knew the scalpel was through my tongue and the taper was being inserted through my tongue. The taper did pinch a tiny bit, but the scalpel, I could barely feel. Buju then let me put my tongue back in my mouth to relax before he made sure the jewellery was securely tightened in place.

In my opinion the scalpel piercing was almost painless, I couldn't believe I'd got myself so wound up about something that hardly hurt at all. I felt a real adrenaline rush after the procedure was complete and in a strange way felt really happy and proud of myself for going for it.

Buju then gave me aftercare for my tongue (sea salt and antibacterial alcohol free mouth wash) and told me that if I had any questions or issues to contact him at any time. He advised that taking ibuprofen for the first few days would reduce the swelling - which I did.

The next few days were pretty uncomfortable, my tongue got a little swollen (as expected) and it was difficult to eat and speak, although I did manage to eat solid food on day two. As the days went on and the swelling lessened it became easier to eat and speak and now, one week in, it feels great, looks great and I can eat and talk perfectly.

After all of this I can't wait to get another scalpel piercing, I have already spoken to Buju about it and we have decided to do my labret at an 8mm also with teflon, my only decision now is whether to have circular or oval jewellery inserted. I'm no where near as nervous for this one, (although I probably will be on the day) and I've finally got over my fear of scalpels!

I would highly recommend to anyone who is thinking of getting their tongue scalpel pierced or split (which i intend to do) to go for it. I would also recommend Buju as a practitioner, in my opinion he couldn't be any better at what he does and he will really put you at ease, whatever it may be that you are wanting done. I love my newly scalpelled tongue, and wish i had of done it sooner.


submitted by: Finn
on: 18 Nov. 2011
in Large Gauge Tongue Piercings

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Artist: Buju
Studio: Alternative Ink
Location: Holywood, N.Ireland

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