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My First Studio Experience

I finally turned eighteen, and as a birthday gift from my mom, a nostril piercing was in store. I had received fifty dollars from her to get it done, and had about a hundred extra bucks from my grandparents to use as I wish. For over a year, I had considered getting my nipples pierced, because I had always been very self-conscious of my breasts. I have very broad shoulders and chest, so my boobs always looked really awkward. I wanted to make them a bit prettier. So I decided to get my nipples done too(secretly of course, as my mother would flip a biscuit if I told her I was getting them done). I considered the nipple piercings a birthday gift to myself. "Congrats on turning eighteen, Liz, have some nipple rings!"

I met my friend Rachel out in front of Z-Spot, the only studio in Dormont that does body piercing. I had a lot of friends tell me that Dave, the piercer there, is very trustworthy and has always done a great job. So I guess I lucked out in the sense that I didn't have to search far and wide for a decent piercer. When we entered the shop, my level of excitement shot up significantly. I looked around the lobby to find lots of signs about policies portrayed in a funny matter. On a wall right beside the door was a descriptive note about why piercing guns are bad, which I actually found to be very interesting and important information to know. There was a couch with leopard and zebra print pillows on it, free for getting comfy on. Across from the couch were two chairs with zebra print seats. I really liked the funky feel of the place.

Dave was standing behind the desk with a big grin on his face, ready to serve me. His thin black hair was slicked back into a pony tail, revealing his undercut and tribal-tattooed head. He had three rings on his lower lip, drawing some attention to the handsome soul patch on his chin. He had a septum ring of a thicker gauge, which reminded me of the time that I had pierced my own septum, only to slip it out a few months later due to infection. His ears were decked out with multiple rings of different gauges as well. I tried a couple times to stretch my ears in the past, but I failed both times(I still intend on trying to get a stretching kit or maybe professional assistance to start me off though). Despite the rough-and-tough air that his visible body mods gave off, he had a very gentle gleam in his eye.

After I finished filling out the paperwork and telling him what it was I wanted done, he rubbed his hands together and said, "alright kid, let's put some holes in ya!" His amicable attitude made me very comfortable, which was great.

He led me and Rachel back to his piercing booth and had me sit in the dentistry chair. The little secluded room smelled like a doctor's office, that extreme cleanly smell of severely sanitized space. I got really anxious to get started. After preparing himself and his materials, Dave marked and swabbed my nostril. He clamped the area and propped the needle against my nose. "Take a deep breath in, and we'll stick it through when you exhale." I did as he instructed, and as I breathed out, I felt the slick needle slide in. It stung, but it went smoothly. Next up: the nipples.

Dave had me undress and stand before him with my hands at my sides. My excitement suddenly turned into nervousness as he marked the sides of each nipple with the dots the needle would follow. Why I hadn't felt nervous until now I did not know. Maybe it was because I had begun to think of all those Youtube videos I watched, of the girls who had exaggerated freak-outs while getting their nipples pierced. After marking and letting me check the placement of the dots, Dave had me sit back in the chair. Rachel gave me her hand and I squeezed it tight as I prepared myself. Dave clamped my right nipple. Ouch. He grabbed his needle, gave me my instructions to breathe. On my exhale, the needle pushed it's way in. "Ow, Shit..." My discomforting moan carried out til after the needle had pierced through. It was done before I even noticed. Definitely not as bad as the Youtube girls made it seem. I calmed down a bit as he prepared the left nipple with his clamp. "I hear the left one hurts more," I told him, and a nervous laugh escaped my throat.

"Do you wanna hear a truthful response, or a lie?" He asked me, a short smirk popped up on his face. "I don't wanna hear anything!" I instructed him, and Rachel started laughing. I gripped her hand a second time and took a deep breath in. On my exhale, hell began. "Ouch, fuck fuck fuck," I whimpered, but I refused to scream. I didn't want to startle Dave, or even Rachel for that matter. But just as soon as I had started cursing, the needle was through. My body tingled with relaxation as he effortlessly slid the jewelry through the hole. I made it! I felt so accomplished and ecstatic. Dave had done a great job. After getting dressed, I received a brief rundown on after-care. I thanked Dave for his marvelous and skillful work, and I headed out the door with Rachel. My first studio experience was definitely a satisfying one! I can't wait to go back for more.


submitted by: theImpassible_Dream
on: 08 Nov. 2011
in Nostril Piercings, Standard Female Nipple Piercings

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