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Pre-Studio Experiences (The Wretched DIY Approach)

The first piercings I ever got were, you guessed it, my lobes. I was sixteen when I got my earlobes pierced. I know, that's older than most people when they get their lobes done. My mom made me wait, but I'm happy she did. I remember being so excited to finally experience that thrill of getting jewelry stabbed through my flesh! No lie! I couldn't wait to get my ears pierced. Seems kinda lame now, because everyone gets their lobes done, but I already knew that those ear piercings were gonna be my ticket into a whole new world of interest and enthusiasm: the world of body modification.

That summer, I decided to pierce my second lobe holes myself, since my mom didn't want me to get them done. I figured if I were to pierce them without her knowing, she'd never realize I had them hiding under my hair. So I pierced em. Watching myself push a needle through my skin made me feel very woozy though, and I almost passed out. I wasn't afraid of needles, but I don't think my body likes when I notice that there's a piece of metal stabbing through my skin. I kept the second piercings for a couple months, and lucky for me, they never got infected. But after a while I was sick of trying to cautiously hide my ears from my mom all the time, so I just took them out and decided to wait til I was older to get them done.

A few months after I had turned seventeen (in the fall), I discovered a new craze going around on the dashboard of my blog: septum piercings. I knew I wanted to get it done. I just had to! It was the perfect piercing for me, as it was easy to hide so my mom would never know I did it...I wanted to relive that experience of the needle through my skin, and I wanted to feel that excitement I had when I first got my ears done, realizing that I would have a new piece of bling on my body. I wanted more bling! But I wasn't old enough to go to a studio...so what did I decide to do? You guessed it. I had my friend Alex help me pierce my septum.

I stood in front of the mirror in Alex's bathroom. I had been really excited up until he actually plucked the needle out from the cup of peroxide he used to sanitize the thing. That's when the nerves kicked in, big time. This wasn't a good plan at all, but damn I wanted that rush, and I wanted that piercing! He held the needle to my nose, eyeing it up to make sure he'd make a straight stab, but before he could even poke my skin, I told him to stop. I'd do it myself. I carefully took the needle from him and gently propped it between my forefinger and thumb. I pressed the sharp point to my skin and took a deep breath. I firmly clamped the middle section of my nose with my fingers, pulling the skin out a bit to leave more room for the needle. I exhaled slowly, and started to push the needle into the cartilage. It took me a few seconds to get it through, but those seconds felt like hours. The pain was like an agonizing sting, a bumblebee drilling his pointy ass into my nose, but once i saw the tip of the needle poking through the other side, a wave of relief washed over me. I pushed the needle through a bit further to ensure that it wouldn't fall out. Watching myself stab a needle through my nose made me feel slightly lightheaded, just like my experience with my lobes. I sat on the bathroom floor with the needle in my nose for about five minutes. Alex got me water and I chugged the bottle down, letting the fluids rush down my throat and replenish my body. After I felt a bit better, we put the horseshoe ring in, and I flipped it up into my nose so I could head home to mother. I kept the piercing clean, hidden, and under control through the winter, but when spring rolled around, it started to get really smelly. I figured it was getting infected, or had already gotten infected. I tried cleaning it more frequently, but for the next month, nothing was working. My nose became tender to the touch, and the piercing remained stinky as a skunk. I decided it was time to remove the ring. After taking the piercing out, I paid great attention to the care of my nose, making sure it wouldn't get any worse. Thankfully, my nose healed up just fine. After my experience with the septum piercing, I decided that it would be wise to never try DIY work ever again, and that I should just wait til my eighteenth year to get any more piercings. If it wasn't for my gross encounter with my septum, I probably would have continued to do DIY work, which is NEVER a good idea. I learned my lesson, and now that I am eighteen, I can freely and safely get my piercings, and my mother doesn't even have to know about all of them ;D


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on: 08 Nov. 2011
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