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Waiting a lifetime.

My whole life I've been on the 'hefty' side always admiring those skinny girls that could wear belly button rings and look good. When I reached my heaviest I was 200lbs. A number I never wanted to see on the scale ever again. From that day on the scale forward...I was determined to lose the weight one way or another. I worked so hard for so long and after about two years I had dropped 70 lbs. Bringing my weigh-in to 130. FINALLY 130 lbs, I felt normal. One day out of the blue my mom pointed out that id look cute with a belly button ring to match my new swimsuit. The whole idea of a belly button ring had never crossed my mind, not even once the whole while I was working on losing all the weight. I blushed, I felt excited..I was finally thin enough to be comfortable in my own skin. I tossed the idea around in my head for a while. Yes, no, yes, no, yes, no, I don't know. I like piercings but the thought of going and letting someone poke holes in my skin just makes me nervous (meanwhile my ears are stretched, I've had my industrial done, my eyebrow and my tongue web) There was really no need to be nervous.

About a week later we were walking through the mall- our mall has a tattoo place- Big Ink. My mom looked at me and said "wanna do it?" I said NO and we kept walking. The whole while I kept tossing the idea in my mind. I want it. I do. Finally I said " Its now or never." We turned around, walked back to the shop and waited for Mikey (the piercer) to finish up another client. When he was done, he brought me in and explained the whole process, made the little marks and showed me in the mirror. I was fine with whatever he had planned because obviously he knows best. My mom was too afraid to watch so she waited outside. 1...2...3...done. That was it. I know I was nervous but I couldn't feel it anymore. I went home with a cute little barbell in my belly button and I was one happy camper.

Three days later, severe abdominal pain and vomiting...I was rushed into the emergency room for an acute case of appendicitis. Surgery was the only option. My first ever visit in the hospital, my belly button right didn't even cross my mind. When the nurse came in and told me I had to remove it for the rest of my stay at the hospital, I was devastated. I cried, I was so upset, I wanted this stupid piece of metal there so bad. I worked so hard to get it. I love it. After explaining it to them, they told me I could keep it in up until surgery the next day, but even then it would have to come out during the procedure(since they were going in just below my navel) and would be covered by bandages after. I was sad but I really didn't have a choice

Surgery day comes and I'm on the table being put under, and I remind the woman next to me "I still have my belly ring in, they said I have to take it out" her reply "Don't worry, just relax" and I was out

The next thing I remember is being moved on the bed...wheeled down the hall. My eyes were closed but I was listening, still half out of it. I could hear two women talking across me "its still there" one says..the other replied "she got it done a few days ago, the Dr let her keep it"

my heart started to pound, the dr let me keep my belly button ring?! REALLY? IT WAS STILL THERE!

I was out again. When I finally woke up and was aware of things I asked the nurse if I really got to keep it or if I dreampt that whole conversation up. She said it was there.

When the Dr came in to talk to me, I thanked him up down left and right- one for taking out my painful appendix and two for letting me keep my belly button ring! He smiled and laughed and explained that he put medication on it so it wouldn't get infected and he covered it with its very own bandage so it would be separate from the rest of the incision.

The corse of antibiotics I was on and the medication and bandages covering my belly ring pretty much kept all infections at bay and it healed 100% without any issues at all

8 months later, I still love it and I'm glad I got to keep it, It was quite an adventure


submitted by: Oh Oh Lover
on: 15 Sept. 2011
in Standard Navel Piercings

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Artist: Mikey
Studio: Big Ink
Location: Big Flatts Ny

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