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My extreme sounding experience

So, I had done some reading and reviewing of photos on BME and elsewhere and I was exploring urethral sensations with 4mm and 8mm glass stirring rods. This incident happened to me maybe 3 or 4 months ago, this is the first time I've taken the time to write about this experience.

Looking at the photos I've uploaded, I had gotten pretty far with the larger 8mm rod and had had no issues of note. One day, while the wife was a work, I thought I'd try an orgasm loaded with the rod in the urethra. I had plugged the penis a few inches and done this, but this time I laid on my back and let the rod rest as deep as it wanted.

I can't remember how deep I'd gone, but it wasn't uncomfortable. I was plenty hard and the sensations were pretty mild. I have really not experienced any direct interesting feelings when I've done sounding, for me, it's primarily been a visual stimulant and an interesting concept and something I thought I'd push some personal boundaries with. I had seen photos and experienced inserting a condom INSIDE my urethra, but other than it being a trippy concept to look at, it really didn't bring any new memorable sensations to my sensory repertoire. I had pushed the rod further previously, so I didn't think anything other than the sensations as I masturbated loaded with the rod, anticipating the orgasm experience.

Nothing really distinctive and I was building to a climax and had a typical orgasm with sensations of pumping juice but as I looked to see the come spout, and it felt like a typical load was going to blast, I was VERY startled to see blood.! Not just little threads of red, as I've photographed in the past and seen a couple of times previously, but a urine thick stream of blood that continued spraying all over the bedspread and myself and with every muscular contraction another thick stream of blood continued. I was on my back and it probably spewed 3-4" vertical in the air!

Needless to say I was shocked as hell and jumped up and the blood continued draining out my penis. Every time I wiggled and tightened up my penis, more streams of blood poured out. I can't tell you why, but my first thought was to get to the bathroom and drain in the tub, thinking about it now, I should have grabbed some clothing from my dresser and let that soak up the blood. Anyway, it kept up and kept spraying blood all over. My next thought was to clean up some of my 'toys' and that caused me, in my panic, to leave a trail of blood through the bathroom, all over the toilet, where I initially headed, then to the kitchen to bag up my hand job debris. It was crazy. I didn't feel any strong pain that I remember, but I was worried about what my wife was going to think when she got home and what the experience was going to be in the emergency room which I knew I had to get to and was I going to end up with some surgical result from this. I left a note, put on some jeans and sped to the hospital and told them I'd been inserting a glass rod in my urethra and when I orgasmed, I started bleeding. It may well be a story that shift will chat about later, but they were pretty professional about things. I waited a while then got into a room and still was oozing blood and after 45 minutes time by now, I was starting to feel that post come piss. I wondered if it was going to come out the right hole and wondered if a urologist and surgery was in my immediate future.

It burned and was very, very tender, but that piss wasn't as bad as expected and it was definitely not the color you expect pee to be! My wife showed up after a bit and was appropriately scared and freaked out. She knows I do and have done kinky stuff, but I'm sure she didn't expect to hear this.

The doctor came in the room and he was definitely out of his territory when he was talking to me about this, but was pretty cool and said that he expected I'd torn some veins in the urethra and that they should heal, but that it was possible I'd have some scarring. He told me to take it easy for 48 hours and if the bleeding didn't stop or any other symptoms continued to contact a urologist. ER visit $125.

We got home and I was exhausted but we cleaned up the carpet blood trails through 2 rooms. We got 99% of the blood out and after a few hours the wife and I had a talk about just what the fuck I had been thinking and doing and she was somewhat less anxious listening to why I was doing what I was doing, so fortunately, no long term relationship damage.

Lessons learned, be careful sounding. I still will stick things up there from time to time, but that's as far as I plan to do this anymore maybe a thermometer length. This wasn't worth continuing to push this sort of envelope. Your urethra may vary.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 28 Aug. 2011
in Blood, blood, blood!, Saline, Sounds, and Pumps, Sounding - Male

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Tuesday, September 20, 2011 @12:24 p.m.
Lesson: never stick objects that might break in the urethra. When I was a kid, I discovered that I could use the plastic covering on electrical wire to insert in my urethra. I sealed one end, so it would enter safely into the urethra and then put a slit in the end to blow air into my bladder. Great sensation! Then I came up with the idea of inserting a balloon in and blowing it up in my bladder. It felt great until, Bang! The balloon burst and I was too scared to have it checked out. Slowly,over time the pieces of the balloon were easily passed wwhile pissing. Let this be a lesson to you!
Sunday, April 8, 2012 @2:38 a.m.
Automobile (and other) engine pushrods (chev V-8 for sure), visit the Chev. Agency parts dep't. and tell em your "working on an art piece so size and shape is not critical, just appearance." Parts guys will usually tell you to "come on back and I'll show you what we got." Get a couple of em in different diameters. They are bored hollow in the center, so leave it in while wanking, (don't aim it at anyone close, it's like turning a .22 target gun into a 50mm )! Enjoy ! Safely ! They are usually highly polished stainless steel or other hard alloy. Only use new ones !
Sunday, July 1, 2012 @8:59 p.m.
I have been sounding for more than 5 years and still enjoy it as much as the first time. Even more fun to do in a group when you can compare techniques. Don't stop it only gets better!!
Sunday, November 18, 2012 @3:21 a.m.
Been sounding for 8 years, and love the feel of it. I use a set of sounding rods I bought on the net. So far I have streched my ureatha to 18mm and can get my ring finger all the way in, its a real wild feeling, I can now wack off, and have an explosive climax, with my finger in place. All the sperm emptys into the blader, the sensation,is [email protected]
Wednesday, January 18, 2017 @3:23 a.m.
The only part of your story not easily believable; an ER visit for only $125.00. I think you left off a couple of zeroes there.

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