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Icky Nipple Stretch Experience

I got a jewelry change today in my left nipple and had to take out the right one due to rejection (It started to move after I accidental tore it. My watch had gotten caught around the end of the barbell and the tear was about 1/8th of an inch long when I first got it). My usual piercer was off and I had just had an awful time getting an appointment with him so I decided to go to a piercing and tattoo studio located in the higher-end mall of my area. I had heard about their other, free-standing location and it seemed like a decent place that would not gouge me. It was the middle of the day so I thought it would be pretty quick and easy to get helped. I was right about the price and the wait time, but the actual experience was pretty much horrifying.

I told the piercer that I wanted to stretch up the left piercing to a 12 for added stability and to eliminate the possibility for a cheese-cutter situation (a commonly accepted rule in the piercing industry is that larger gauge piercings are less likely to reject because your body is less likely to mistake it for a splinter and push it out, just check out the ask or wiki). She gave me the weirdest look and told me it was the opposite (I mean maybe when you get up to super large sizes it’s more the opposite because of thinning, but we’re talking a 14g to a 12g). STRIKE ONE (seriously is this girl doing like 20g navel piercings!?).

Then I said I wanted to change it to a CBR so that the ends wouldn’t get caught on my jewelry. She said, “well if you’re not responsible enough to take care of your piercings then it’s not gonna matter what kind of ring I put in.” ”If you can’t handle the responsibility of having it then take it out.” I was floored. I’m super careful with my piercings. I don't understand why she just got so hostile with me and assumed that I wasn't cut out for piercings. My piercing getting ripped was probably the result of being incorrectly sized for my previous jewelry and having excessively long bars. Then she asked where I got it done and when I said I got it done at a different place she laughs and says "it wasn't even pierced straight" which a) is laughable now that I know what an idiot she is about something basic like disease prevention, and b) completely ignored the fact that I said it was rejecting...like it was supposed to reject perfectly straight? STRIKE TWO.

She also made me stand outside of the piercing room while she set up and didn't measure my nipple or even ask the length of my current jewelry, she just picked out a ginormous ring that makes me look like a biker or a pirate or something. Then, after she took out the right bar, she gets the CBR ready for my left nipple. In the process she drops the ball on the floor, reaches down and picks it up with her gloved hand and then puts it back on the supposedly sterile tabletop. She sprays a little alcohol on it, then proceeds to stretch my left piercing wearing the same gloves that had just touched the floor (!!!). STRIKE THREE (like why even wear gloves if you’re gonna pull that shit).

The stretch itself was super painful. The piercer said "tell me if it hurts" as she was starting it. I half laughed at her because it already hurt, so then she said "well, tell me if it gets unbearable." I'm not really sure how it was supposed to feel, but my right boob was on fucking fire for the rest of today. I just went into the bathroom to salt soak it (I would anyway, but I feel like I have to be even more diligent considering the ickiness it was exposed to during the procedure) and the ring was crusted with quite a layer of blood. That was normal when I got it pierced but again, I'm not sure how it should have turned out with a stretch. There was even a small droplet of blood coming out of one of the milk ducts in the center of the nipple, which I have to say, freaked me out a little cause I had never seen that happen before. Hopefully it won't bleed anymore and the internal tear won't permanently damage the piercing.

After I washed the stretched side, I took a second to look at the other nipple that was now vacant. I kind of forgot what my "normal" nipples look like because I've had them pierced since January of 2009. I was really disappointed to remember that I have somewhat flat nipples, and depending on how my boob is positioned, they sometimes settle inward. Actually one of the reasons I got them pierced is because I was super annoyed at my "in-y nipples." I just thought they weren't very sexy and one side was always more inward than the other. I also have very bright red blotches near the exit points of the piercing, which is odd, because they are not even touching any of the pierced skin. I'm thinking perhaps that's where the fistula used to be before it started migrating. I hope to re-pierce (this time at a 12g) as soon as my usual piercer gives me the go-ahead, and this time we'll use a CBR. In the meantime I'll be doing some tea tree oil massages to break down some of the scar tissue that might otherwise effect the new piercing.

Anyway, this experience was pretty awful and I was rather unimpressed (understatement) with the piercer. If she had just been a bitch, fine I guess (although it’s not great troubleshooting technique to insult your customers and suggest they should just give up on having piercings). If she had just dropped the ball, fine. People make mistakes sometimes. But she should have changed her gloves after picking it up and she at least should have submerged the jewelry in a small dish of alcohol before letting it touch the supposedly sterile work surface (or my body for that matter). I can’t really excuse her for not measuring the jewelry. Nipples come in a lot of different shapes and sizes. While most nostril or tongue piercings might be the same size, nipples are definitely a more varying body part and no reputable piercer takes a one-size-fits-all approach to the jewelry they use.

So yeah, here's how a jewelry change, stretching or piercing experience should NOT play out. If this happens, you should probably leave instead of stay and expose yourself to germs and danger like I did. Be safe!


submitted by: glitter_fiend
on: 26 Aug. 2011
in Standard Female Nipple Piercings

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