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My Snug Triple Cartilage

As a teenager, I am very eager to have holes put into my body! Other teenagers spend their money on shoes, and makeup. I spend it on holes, and jewelry to put through those holes. (And makeup, of course.)

So, my journey begins at thirteen. I begged my mother (more like bugged) for months to let me have my second lobes done. She finally waned, and said I could get as many blasted ear piercings done as I wanted. She only said this after I asked for a lip piercing. My two options in return were as many ear piercings as I wanted, or a small tattoo.

I'm more about the metal than the ink, so my heart led the way.

So, here I am, heading to Claires. They pierced my second holes and then, sitting atop that chair, I asked for a second piercing on each ear.

She asked me where, and I said on my top ear. She told me they didn't do cartilage piercings on fourteen year olds. Now, I look back and know that they do, as that was only two years ago. But, fate would have this.

So, then, we headed to Walmart so that I could get some cotton swabs. As I made my way to find them, I passed by the jewelry department and saw that they did ear piercings also. Excited, I found my father and veered him over.

The rest is rather boring. All was arranged and I got my double cartilage done in one sitting. Later, this would become a trend. (I would try to get two holes at a time from then on.) So, I was content with this for two years.

Finally, I turn sixteen. I beg for a tongue piercing (two, actually) and was refused in a blink. So, I wagered. We settled on more ear piercings and a nose piercing. (Two, but that's a different story)

Now, we went around to different places, but the cost was always too much, (I'm willing to pay eighty dollars for two nasal piercings, but I refuse to pay that much for four new holes in my ears!)

So, I heard from my friend that there was a place that did ear piercings for five dollars a pop in Chinatown.

Without your parents.

So, I hopped onto the bandwagon, which was whittled down to two very quickly. (From five to two in only 2 weeks!) Me and my friend were deep in Center City Philadelphia. I, stupidly, wore tights and a pair of heals, even though I knew that we would be walking. We took a million wrong turns before finally, we found it! My feet were sore, my body hurt, and I was eager.

So, we walked in. It was just a little booth in the back. The piercer was a small, and very pretty woman who asked if we wanted ear piercings after I asked if she did them. She showed us the options. My friend opted for three, while I went for four. The pickings were slim, and I chose two purple and two red stoned earrings.

She went first, and was shaking like crazy. I was inspecting the place to see if it was clean. Of course, it was done with a gun, as most are, but it was metal instead of plastic, and the jewelry seemed higher quality than what I had done before. I watched as she loaded up the gun, and saw that it was very different than what I had done before. So, I set my eyes to how she did my friend's piercings.

She was very careful when she marked her up. At every grunt of approval or rejection, she acted accordingly. She wore gloves, and had cleaning solution. She seemed to do everything so much better than Claires and Walmart. (no real surprises there)

My friend was done in a blink, and so, then it was my turn. I leaned across the counter (she didn't have us sit or anything) and I flinched four times, without showing any fear, and handed her the money. We didn't even get out of the door before my friend fainted. She went down headfirst and sprawled out on the floor.

My first reaction was fear, and then panic. Had it been the piercings? But, in two minutes, she was up and said it was just the adrenaline and her medication. My heart beat like a jackhammer and I really was started to regret going there!

In the end, all was fine. The ear piercings healed up amazingly well and now, I have three cartilage piercings (very close together, but it's fine by me! I can fit more in that way) that I adore, and three lobe piercings that are beautiful. I also pierced my own tragus (just my left ear though)

I put my ears through a lot of torture, but they know I love them! And I'm super pleased with this. That is, until I go ahead and get about 18 more piercings per ear to accompany them!


submitted by: DollParts7
on: 15 Aug. 2011
in Misc. Ear Cartilage Piercing

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