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Do It Yourself Tragus

Now, let me start off by saying, it is never a good idea to do what I did. Ever.


But, on to my stupid accomplishment. One night, at 1 am in the morning, listening to music, I started to feel inspirational. I had felt upset all day, and had cried a bit (ok, a LOT) so I wanted to start the new day out on a good note.

What do I do but run around for a sewing needle? Instead of finding a precious sewing needle (and this should STILL not be used! But it's thicker, and more solid. Invest in sterile piercing needles!!!!!) , all I was left with was a safety pin. So, I was still feeling stupid, and now, the adrenaline was pumping. I poured out saline solution on a cotton pad and placed the safety pin and earring on it. The earring was plated in gold, and I had used it in my ear previously. It was shot with a gun as a second lobe piercing. And I never had it infected, so it was fine.

I also checked the gauge beforehand, by putting the safety pin through one of my 12 existing ear piercings. It fit, so, I went ahead.

I washed my hands, and got some hydrogen peroxide. Calmly, I cleaned my makeshift needle and my jewelery. I got out a sharpie pen, never used, and marked my piercing. I decided that I would only get one done tonight.

So, I stood in front of my mirror, hearing the same song blast through my headphones (boy was it LOUD). I promised myself that before the song ended, I would pierce.

Unfortunately, it wasn't that simple. I breathed in and out, and I could feel my hand shaking and sweating. Finally, I mustered up enough courage to push.

And it pricked through.....a tiny fraction of my tragus. I stopped, because the "needle" was so flimsy, I was scared that it would bend. The song ended and I quickly went to turn it back to the beginning. This damn music was all that was keeping me going! Now, I find it slightly pathetic, but as a musician (I play the violin) it's a given that music would have a profound example on me.

So, now I was running on either sheer stupidity, sheer want, or sheer blindness. I have no idea which, but I just kept on pushing.

Originally, I had cotton behind my tragus, where the needle would end up. I put it there so that I didn't accidentally pierce something I shouldn't. I didn't need it, and ended up just removing it and using my fingers. No, I wasn't pricked, and no part of me was pierced where it shouldn't be.

So, it took a look time to get the needle through. At the halfway point, it stopped hurting and just went numb. I felt like I was just using my strength.

And I felt like a weakling, because the tragus was winning this battle!

I should have chickened out. At this point, the piercing was done at an angle and it seemed like it would be impossible to get the needle all the way through. But, I figured if I wasn't willing to go through this, how was I going to buy actual piercing needles, and clamps, and get other piercings?

Again, stupid motivation, but it worked for me. With a mighty push, I got the needle through, and boy was it resisting as much as it could! Finally, I pulled the needle out, and pushed my earring in. The hole gave some resistance, before it finally gave up, and allowed my earring access.

I felt victorious! I felt mighty, and happy, and even euphoric! I swelled with pride and claimed that no one could call me a weakling! I went through with it.

I didn't even bother putting the backing on, because the hole could hold on tight enough for a few days. And in a few more, next weekend, probably, I'll have to end up going to the store and buying labret studs so that I can put it through.

So far? I'm very happy. Even if it is pierced at an angle (reaching for my outer ear), it gleams when the sun hits it, and it looks beautiful. I love how it looks with the other six ear piercings on my ear. I fantasize about when I can get my needles, so I can finally complete my cartilage and lobe piercings. I also want my rook, snug, conch, conque, anti-tragus, daith, and transversal lobes done. When I'm through, I hope to have 20+ ear piercings on each ear.

Six lobe piercings, eight cartilage piercings, a rook, two snugs, a double anti-tragus, a conch piercing, plus a conque piercing, a transversal lobe, an industrial running vertically and a tragus. Twenty-four piercings on each ear. And while I'll leave the conch, conque, transversal lobe, industrial, snugs, daith and rook to the pros, those tragus and anti-tragus, cartilage, and lobe piercings are all mine!

On healing complications, it hasn't even swollen up, and I'd like to call it a success, but I'll wait. I use a sea salt soak on it like a good little girl, and I plan on piercing the other (with a PROPER needle) in a few weeks time (I like my headphones to poke into my ear a bit)

I know it's not my favorite piercing, and it probably never will be! So far, my most prized piercing(s) are my dragonbites (double nasal piercing on the left side) and I doubt that that will change until I get my tongue project done.

But, this is the only piercing that is not shared. It truly is all mine. My parents haven't paid for it, or driven me, or had to sign any documents. (I am a minor body mod, and so, being only 16, I always depend on others) I did not ask permission and I did not have a stranger push a needle through me. Piercing, for me, has always been an intimate act of trust. I shake and shiver, and hope that they do no wrong and honor my body so that it may heal and not harm me. People think this view is strange; foreign, and being so young, they believe I am only doing this for fads. However, I truly have a love of body modification that has been with me since twelve years young.

So, I took fate into my own hands and this will be a memory that is deeply ingrained into my being.

Again, I don't advise ANYONE to take a safety pin and shove it through their flesh. There are many complications, and a ridiculous amount of risk. Go to a pro, or have truly sterile equipment, experience, and supervision.

Happy (and safe!) piercings!


submitted by: DollParts7
on: 15 Aug. 2011
in Tragus Piercing

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Thursday, September 29, 2011 @10:55 a.m.
oh lord. is it okay now?
miss victoria
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