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More than expected

Ever since I started getting piercings other than my earlobes, I had wanted to get my tongue pierced. I still don't know why, it was just a piercing I had always wanted. Living at home with my parents, they kept telling me that I wasn't allowed, but I knew once I turned 18 I was going to get it done.

Finally, a couple months before I turned 19, I decided to get it done. It was the day I finished my last exam of my first year of university, and I wanted to reward myself. So with a couple of friends I went to the shop I always go to for piercings, because I was friends with one of the piercers. I was a tad nervous, but everyone I talked to said it doesn't hurt at all. So I took the mouthful of mouth wash, and waited for him to get everything ready. Once he was good to go, I stuck my tongue out, he dried my tongue off with a piece of paper towel, and then handed me the paper towel to hold under my chin, incase I drool, and the after he told me to take a deep breath, he did the piercing. It didn't hurt so much as pinch, and it was very awkward, but he quickly put the jewelry in, and I put my tongue back in my mouth, and what a weird feeling that was. It felt so odd to have a long metal bar in my mouth that I had to learn to talk around, but I was very happy I had finally gotten the one piercing I always wanted.

I thought I was ready to leave, and then the piercer turned to me and said "Oh, by the way, we are having a buy one get one free deal right now." I had no idea what else to get, I had everything I wanted at the time, and couldn't get anything on my face because of work/rugby. I asked if I could give the free one to a friend, but they don't allow you to do that. He looked at me and said one word; Septum. I was a little taken aback, because a few days before I had looked into getting that piercing, but wasn't 100% on it, because I didn't know if it would suite me. He looked at me and told me it would look good on me, and that it doesn't hurt that much, he'd had his done three times. He also said it is one of the easiest piercings to take care of, and pretty much heals with little care. I decided to go for it, because it was free and if I didn't like it, I could take it out, and I could also flip it up into my nose for work and rugby.

After going to pick up another friend from work, I returned to the shop to get my second piercing. I sat down as he very carefully looked at all the different angles to make sure he pierced the right spot, and this part was very awkward and I laughed multiple times because he had to get very close to my face, and look up each nostril so many times that it felt like he did it for 10 minutes. Once he was satisfied, he got the needle and jewelry and we were ready to go. It did hurt a bit, but like all piercings it was done very quickly. He had to use a larger ring, and it looked awkward on my little face, but I was happy with my new, unexpected piercing.

My piercer was right, I only cleaned the piercing for the first couple days, and before I knew it the piercing was completely healed, almost on its own. Once it was healed, I went to the shop to get a smaller ring, but all they had was one that was more longer than round, so I took that for the time being. Now, I use little eyebrow rings, but I can't flip it up with the balls on, so I have one without balls that I wear for work and rugby, and when I want to put it down I have another one with balls I can put in. I love the piercings because, surprisingly, I can put the ring in and screw on the balls without even looking in a mirror, and with the little ring it looks great, and gives me a different look. If I'm not feeling it or can't have it down for different reasons, I can hide it without taking it out.

Both piercings healed very well and very quickly, and they are two of my favorites now. They are both easy to hide and don't get in the way of my job or rugby. Going into the shop I was only planning on getting the one piercing I always wanted, and instead I also ended up getting a piercing I didn't know I was goin to love.


submitted by: caitlinannexx
on: 09 Aug. 2011
in Center Tongue Piercings

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