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My Nipple Piercings

I love piercings, but because of rugby I am limited to what I can keep in. November 2010 I decided to get my nipples pierced, so I went to the tattoo and piercing shop I usually go to, and they were having a buy one, get one free deal on piercings. A friend of mine who had his nipples pierced before and wanted to get them done again also came with me. I still wasn't sure if I wanted them, so he went first and I watched. After he was done, I decided I wanted them, because I wanted new piercings and these wouldn't get in the way during rugby. I was very nervous, but I sat down for my first one, and of course, it hurt, but after a few seconds of pain the first one was done, and now whether or not I wanted to, I was getting the second one, because I hate the look of just one on girls. So I sat for the second one, which hurt a little more because I knew what was coming, but wasn't too bad. I was so happy with the piercings. Unfortunately, I ended up taking them out a little over a month later, because they weren't healing well (I think partly because they were done with curved barbells) and thankfully they left no scars.

I really did like the piercings, and was sad I had to take them out. The following summer, I was talking to a friend one day, and she showed me some new piercings she got, saying that one of the other tattoo and piercing shops (I had gotten my latest tattoo from one of their artists) was having a BOGO sale. I wanted to get some piercings, but again because of rugby I am limited, and decided I wanted to get my nipples done again. I had gone to this same shop a few months before with a male friend who wanted to get one nipple piercing, and I noticed they use straight instead of curved barbells, which I thought would work a lot better for the healing process. So on a very hot Saturday afternoon, with two friends, I went to get them done. The second I filled out the form I began to feel sick to my stomach, and as I was sitting in the piercer's room, I began to get very sweaty and clamy. Still, I let him mark my nipples where the piercings would go, and as I was about to sit down in the chair, I started to second guess myself, so the piercer brought me some water and gave me a few minutes. Once he came back I sat down in the chair, still extremely nervous, and as he was clamping for the first piercing, my friend put her hand by my eye so I couldn't see (thinking she was helping) but that was it, I said no, I can't do this today. The piercer said he understood, as I looked like I wasn't feeling well, wrote me up a card saying I could come back anytime and get the two for one deal, and I left the shop. Almost immediately after I felt like a fool, but at the same time I knew that day just wasn't the day.

The next day I texted one of the friends who came with me and said that if I was feeling good tomorrow I was going to go get the piercings. My outlook was that I knew it was going to hurt, whether I did it tomorrow, three months from now, or a year from now, and that although it will hurt, it's only temporary, and the outcome is woth it. She told me she would come with me and wasn't going to let me leave. So that Monday evening after I was done work, we went back down to the shop. When the piercer came in I said "I'm back" and we started getting ready for the piercing. This time I felt very different, I was a little nervous, but nothing compared to last time, and my friend helped me keep things light by talking to me while the piercer prepared everything and made jokes, and even I made a couple jokes, and the piercer laughed along too (He liked it when I said I was getting the piercings because "No one will look at them!") Once I sat down for the piercings, thats when the fear kicked in, but I told myself I wasn't backing out twice, wasting the time and equipment of the piercer, and sucked it out for the first piercing. And as I predicted, it hurt, but the piercer was fast and it only hurt for a second . I was so happy that we were half way done. I took a minute to breathe in between piercings, and then we did the second one. Again, that one hurt more, but it was quick, and after a couple seconds there was no pain. After we were all done, I thanked my piercer and gave him a $10 tip, partly because I felt so bad about bailing the first time, and also because he was really good about it. I told him I would definitely be back again, after rugby season was over.

Today is the day after and although its too early to tell if the piercings will be good, they feel good so far, and I am very happy with them. As long as everything heals well, these ones are here to stay, because I don't think I could go through all of that a third time! To those of you who want nipple piercings, and really like the look of them, just remember what I said; yes it is going to hurt, but it only last for a few minutes, and the outcome is worth it. Same goes for any piercing.


submitted by: caitlinannexx
on: 09 Aug. 2011
in Standard Female Nipple Piercings

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