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My Double Nose Piercing (DragonBites)

I have been in love with body modifications since I was at the tender crossroads of teenage-dome. 12 years old and crazy to have who knows what screwed into my face! But never in those 4 years of waiting had I assumed that the first "real piercing" I'd have would be on the most hated part of my face; my nose!

Like most other people, I had my lobes pierced at an age where I couldn't even count, so my first remembered experience of having a piece of metal inserted into my flesh was at 14 years old. I had originally asked my mother if I could have a lip piercing. Horrified, my traditional, Soviet Russia raised mother gasped loud enough to wake hibernating bears. (despite the fact that it was summer)

In a strange exchange, she offered a small tattoo on some part of my body that might never be exposed to humanity. However, even at 14, I realized that a tattoo was certainly not what I wanted, as it's so much more permanent. So, I asked to have a second hole on my lobes, and two outer conch piercings.

Fast forward two year, and a birthday of no more piercings, and I ask for a tongue piercing. I'm all about the quantity (and quality, of course) and had wanted three vertical tongue piercings, with a horizontal at the very tip. This time, my mother agreed, as she assumed no one would see it. My father however, denied my 16th birthday gift in an instant. Sulking and sad, I went to my room to decide on what I was allowed to get.

Anything around my lips was out of the question. I hated the thought of Monroes, Medusas, cheek piercings, and anti eyebrows on me. My face just wasn't made for it! I was going to have my eyebrow pierced (triple) at 18 with my best friend, along with my tongue, and my first tattoo (possibly my nape as well)

So, the last place was suddenly clear to me. My nose. I knew my parents wouldn't let me have my bridge pierced. And that was the only nose piercing I had wanted. I slept on the thought of a nostril piercing. Finally, I decided that I did want it, after about a week of putting rhinestones and rings around my nose. I hopped into the car about 4 days after my birthday, (I had asked about two weeks in advance) and we headed over to a close-by tat/piercing shop. had originally wanted to go to Infinite Body Piercings in Center City Philadelphia, but no one was willing to drive about 3 miles, so instead, we went to the Ink Well.

The parking was dreadful, and we parked the wrong way. I was getting nervous. Did I really want this piercing? But, I stepped into the shop, with my father, and asked about prices. He said it was $40 including jewelry. I actually thought this was a good price, despite the fact that my father grumbled. Suddenly, I asked "How much for a double?" He answered that it $80, double the price, no discounts.

I thought for a second, and then nodded. My father said anything under 100 was fine by him. So, my piercer went off to set up the area while I and my dad filled out paperwork and showed ID's to the receptionist. It seemed like forever until he came back, and I saw a woman come up from around the bend. She had green hair and was tattooed. I got twice as nervous looking at her.

Finally, I climbed the stairs to the piercing chair alone, as my father chose to remain downstairs and watch the television. I revealed that I was nervous, and laughed apologetically when I told him I had foundation on. He was very kind, and eased my nerves. He told me the procedure and then asked me where exactly on my nose I wanted it. I pointed to the left nostril.

He had a very difficult time positioning it, as I have a very strange nose, that has almost no curve to indicate where the studs should go. I told him I wanted a ring in at least one of them, and he relaxed and told me that it made his job so much easier.

Finally, I was all positioned up, and he took out the jewelry. He didn't tell me the size, and they were plain old silver screws with a little clear gem. So, I breathed and had an inner panic attack simultaneously.

The clamp was the very worst. It truly was! He didn't use a nose stopper, but the needle didn't stick through anywhere it shouldn't have. He put the first one in and that was that. The second was more painful. The clamp seemed three times worse, and when he thread the jewelery through, it got stuck. My nose started bleeding like crazy. He held a tissue to my piercing and handed me a card for how I should clean it.

After I revealed that I was fine, I climbed back down the stairs and showed both my father and the receptionist my new piercing. The receptionist looked pretty pleased. He told me that he figured I would have one on each side, and that two on one side is pretty uncommon.

He said it suited my face.

Since then, I've cleaned it with sea salt dissolved in water, and was careful not to snag it. Despite my best efforts, the one closest to the center of my nose keeps coming out halfway, which is very painful. It seems much more pronounced and sticks up, while the other lays flat.

It's only been a few weeks, but I've grown accustomed to washing my face differently and getting strange looks. And after that, I'm pretty excited for when I turn 17, and have more ear piercings and possibly my bridge or septum done.


submitted by: DollParts7
on: 07 Aug. 2011
in Nostril Piercings

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