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A simple nostril means so much

Well, first I'm a guy LOL. That's a bit odd for some of the people in my circle given what I'm about to tell you. I wanted my first piercing (not counting gunned lobes - twice - and cartilage from Claire's). I'm 26 and had been wanting my belly button (navel) since I was 18, and I was in California. And the weather was awful. What else does one do when they can't party on the beach? Get their first piercing! Adding to the desire, I live in a tiny town where the shops are all dirty or just rude.

Anyways, I decided to ask a girl I met with BOTH nostrils pierced who's really nice her recommendation on a shop. She suggested Enigma, and also got me thinking about a nostril piercing. I went to Enigma, and honestly was scared to death. I checked the place out based on what I've learned on here. They're APP approved which reassured me, and the place is SPOTLESSLY clean. I asked if they autoclaved the jewelry (they do) and some other things. Mark, the piercer, was super nice... and I knew I wanted to get a piercing. The price was higher than places in Montana (like $50 instead of like $30) but they were clean and nice - well worth $50 and a tip.

I decided I was a bit too chicken to start with my belly button, so I got my nostril pierced. I picked the smallest sparkley stud they'd pierce with (the really tiny one they wouldn't in case it grew into the piercing) Since I hadn't ate that morning, they sent me off to get breakfast while they got everything ready.

I come back, I get taken to the back room, Mark explains EVERYTHING and shows me how sterile it is. He changed gloves multiple times. Everything that touched me came out of an autoclave baggie. He talks to me through the whole thing, explains everything he's doing. Friendly and professional... I'm super impressed, and happy, and hey - I've got my ears hit with a piercing gun enough times to know I can handle this. He marks the spot with some ink on a toothpick (no marker like at Claire's!), asks me how I like it. I'm not totally sure. I'm getting my right side since I like to be a bit different and I think it's cuter. But the exact spot he picked... not sure. I tell him he knows best, but that I wonder if my nose would look a bit smaller if it was up maybe a millimeter higher. He told me that yes, the only problem would be if I wanted to ever wear a really small hoop. I told him I didn't. He wiped and re-marked the spot, I loved it this time (even though it maybe only moved a millimeter). He started getting stuff in place, put this tube up my nose, and told me he was going to count down... I was ready for a tiny pinch. It can't be much different from ears, right?

OUCH!!!!!!!! Seriously, the pain was INTENSE. REALLY INTENSE. But it lasted about a second. It's not like getting your ears pierced with a gun (which feels like a mild pinch and some warmness). It's like I imagine getting stabbed in a nerve would feel like. It hurts. A lot. Far more than I ever could have imagined. So if that's your fear - guess what? It does! But... it's totally worth it. I'm a huge sissy and can't handle pain at all and as soon as it was done I had no regrets. Just know it'll hurt for like two seconds and yes, you'll be able to handle it :)

I walked away with a new favorite place (Enigma, because it sure wasn't cold wet San Diego in February...) and a sparkley thing in my nose! For the rest of the day I was in a small amount of occasional pain. I cleaned it with the saline wipes he gave me (because I was traveling he gave me sterile saline wipes recognizing a sea salt soak, while ideal, would be hard for me to do) for a few days, then pretty much left it alone. It got irritated a couple times once home, and a sea salt soak for a few seconds promptly took care of it each time - just bumps and stuff. My nose healed in a few weeks with no issues at all. I totally love it! And yes, I do the thing you're never supposed to do - I play with it when I'm alone. 'Cuz it's right there and I can see it and it's so sparkley and cute!

It's been a few months and I LOVE it. It's made me feel so much better about my nose and my face as a whole (which I don't really like and is kinda big). Some people tease me for it, but most think it's cute. Especially my friends... which are the only ones I care at all about. I did it for me. For fun, for the cuteness, but also - for something more. To make it so I liked something about my nose instead of just looking in the mirror and hating my nose. My belly is coming this fall :D once it gets cold so I can go a few months without swimming because I've heard that gets infected easily. I also highly recommend Enigma if you're ever in San Diego, they're out by the beach and they rock!


submitted by: cutekittie
on: 07 Aug. 2011
in Nostril Piercings

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Artist: Mark
Studio: Enigma
Location: San Diego, CA

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