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Double Tragus

I was always enchanted by tragus piercings and had decided that when I got the money I was going to get one; that was until I found pictures of a vertical tragus. The pictures I first saw were not true vertical tragus piercings, but surface piercings in the side burn area. Either way, I was in love.

But as my excitement grew about getting this piercing I realized that my anatomy may not be suited for it. I went down to Immaculate Piercing (which is, by the way, freaking fantastic) to get a consult. Anna, the piercer, told me that my anatomy wouldn't allow for me to get a true vertical and the only surface bars they had were to long for my liking. She informed me they could order more but it would be about a month till they came in. This was also not to my liking, seeing as how I'm kinda impatient. Anyway I decided on getting two piercings in my left tragus, Anna said she could angle them so that I would get more of the look of a vertical tragus.

The day of the piercing I grabbed to of my friends and headed down to the shop, it was pretty quite and there was no one there but us. The guy at the counter had me fill out the paperwork and went over how the shop sterilized all its jewelry and needles. While Anna was in the back getting everything ready, the counter guy (I think his name was Zane?) went over how to clean and take care of my piercing. And then Anna was ready for me.

I went back to a small, extremely clean room with my friends, where Anna marked my ear and had me look at it. I didn't quite like the placement so she adjusted it with no problem. Then she had me lie back on a medical table and face away so she could clean my ear. It was at this point I started feeling really nervous seeing as this was my first piercing and I really didn't know what to expect. As she was opening the needles a jewelry she explained how she was going to do the piercing which really helped calm me down. She walked back over to where I was laying and lined up the needle and receiving tube at what would be the bottom piercing. She told me to take a deep breath and exhale and on the exhale I felt her push the needle through. Technically I only felt the tip of the needle and then instead of a sharp pain I felt an extreme amount of pressure, like someone squeezing my tragus with a pair of pliers very, very hard. She told me the needle was in and she was about to insert the guide for the jewelry. I expected a pinch or some stinging but once the guide was in I couldn't feel a thing, I didn't feel the jewelry go in or the guide come out. Once she had the jewelry situated she asked if I was ready to do the top piercing or if I wanted a break, I decided to go ahead and get the second one done, and once again the process of needle, guide, and jewelry was repeated. The only difference was on the top hole the guide wanted to stick to the jewelry and it pinched a little, but Anna got some sort of tool and fixed it up with no problem.

Once that Piercing was done Anna came over and put a cold compress on my ear, which felt amazing. She had me and my friends sit down a little bit before we left just to make sure I was feeling okay. And Zane came over and asked how the experience was and had me sign a sheet saying all the needles Anna used were sterile, etc.

It's been almost a month since I got it done and I am so in love with it. I do sea salt soaks twice a day and I haven't had any problems with it, The only issue I had is that I sleep on both sides at night but this was easily resolved by using a neck pillow as a regular one; that way your head is supported and you can sleep on your side but you ear doesn't get hurt.

The total cost of both of my piercings was about $60, but that was because they had a multiple piercing discount and an 18th birthday discount, otherwise it would have cost close to $100. I would definitely recommend Immaculate to anyone who asked. The staff was phenomenal, and they answered all my questions without any sort of attitude which I had seen at some other shops. Anna was very experienced and very professional. It was an amazing experience for my first piercing.


submitted by: riseagainstlove
on: 28 July 2011
in Tragus Piercing

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