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Just another piercing story...

My DIY Transverse Lobe Through My Stretch :)

About 2 weeks before my 16th birthday, I decided on getting a new piercing but couldn't chose one to get. I liked transverse lobes but I had a stretched lobe and I thought it wasn't possible. I didn't realise people had already done it as I hadn't seen it before. I wanted it through my stretch anyway, like an earlobe industrial. So I asked my piercer, but he wouldn't do it for me as he hadn't seen it done either and didn't know about the healing process for it. I decided to get another piercing instead, and get the transverse lobe another time. I picked a cute little lip bar. It was painless and I watched The Simpsons whilst I was being pierced. But that's a whole different story hehe.

After thinking for a while, I chose to do it myself. I knew about the dangers of self piercing, and took as many precautions as possible to make it safe. I don't condone self piercing though, unless you know what you're doing. I don't support botched piercings done in your friends bathroom with a safety pin that's been 'sterilised' with alcohol or whatever. So y'know, don't blame me if you choose to, okay? I knew that I shouldn't do it myself but I did.

Anyhoo, I ordered the sterilised needles and jewellery from a reputable website and waited impatiently for a week until the stuff finally arrived. I checked it was all there, and not faulty, and I tested it on play doh to see how the needle felt, and worked out the best way to hold it comfortably. That day my mum was visiting, so I had to wait til the next day to do the piercing. I'm a very impatient person, so it seemed to take foreverrrrrrr. But it didn't.

Tomorrow soon came, and I woke up nice and early, excited but nervous. I made sure to get a good breakfast and some water first, so I wouldn't pass out from the adrenaline, which has almost happened before. My family was soon up too from the music I was playing to keep myself calm. So I warned my family what I was doing, just in case it went wrong and I needed help. Then I went upstairs and set up my things. I scrubbed the counter with dettol first, to get it as hygenic as possible. I washed my hands and I put on some fresh gloves and got the things out the sealed packets and laid it all out.

I picked the place for the piercing and measured so the bar would fit, then I pierced it. Easier said than done though. The skin was tough, so it took a great deal of pressure to get the needle through. It took about 40 seconds. I quickly slipped the bar in and cleaned it up with saline. There was a fair bit of blood, which shocked me as my scaffold hadn't bled, or my surface piercing. It soon stopped though, and I looked in the mirror and admired my piercing.

It made me happy doing the piercing myself. It felt more personal and special, the fact that I manned up and did it on my own. Well,.. as manned up as a 16 year old girl with pink hair can get... I love it now, I've had a lot of questions about it, 'cause nobody around here has seen anything like it. I clean it twice daily with saline and it seems to be healing fine, so I'm gonna continue that. If you're thinking about getting this, make sure you go to a piercer. It's better in the end unless you actually know what you're doing and happen to have an autoclave lying around for the needles. I shouldn't have done it myself, but hey-ho, I'm a hypocrite. I'm just lucky it turned out alright, cause it coulda got very infected.

I've had the piercing for around a month now, and it's healing pretty good. It's just like a standard lobe piercing in terms of cleaning and healing times it seems. It scabs up occasionally, and I soak it in warm water till it loosens and falls off, so it doesn't get irritated. I'm looking forward to changing the bar to a different coloured one when it's more healed. I've chose a light green titanium 1.6mm bar to match my tunnel. I think I'm getting addicted to piercings since I had 3 piercings that week and I still want more haha. I plan on getting a tattoo soon, and I'm going to start saving up for it. Well that and a skee ball machine for my living room...

Apparently I need to put 18 more words so blah blah blah.. Well erm thanks for reading :D


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 09 July 2011
in Transverse and Vertical Lobes

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