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My Industrial

I have been obsessed with piercings since I was fourteen. Now I am only seventeen; however, since being 14 I have acquired ten more piercings-four of which were retired. And on December 23, 2010 I got my left industrial and tragus pierced. I have wanted my industrial done for quite a long time and it was finally time to get it after having enough research done.

So the day of I was extremely nervous like I usually am right before a piercing. We went pretty last minute too which insured that I wouldn't chicken out. I had to have my dad there seeing as I was 16 at the time and underage. And to be honest, I don't think he ever had to sign any paperwork... which is usually the sign of a bad shop, but I thought it was alright. The piercer, whose name I believe was Danny, led us back to the piercing room. It was small but had room for him, my friend, and I. And he had me lay down on the little dentist like chair. Now since I got my tragus done the same time too, he did that one first (but that's another journey all on its own) So I told him that I wanted the bottom hole to be a bit lower because I had just recently retired a helix piercing there and was hoping to re-pierce it or reopen it, but he said with the anatomy of my ear it would be a little difficult and he would have to pierce it higher than I had originally wanted. Which, either way, was fine with me. I just wanted the damn thing pierced! So here we were, the ol' one, two, three, and pierce. And I honestly could not tell which hole he pierced first. The standard helix half I didn't feel AT ALL. There was no pain for it whatsoever. Now as for the forward helix, I guess I have a good bundle of nerve endings there because that hurt A LOT. Probably at about a 6-7 out of 10. I mean, I have a high pain tolerance, so it wasn't unbearable, but I definitely made a horrible face, which scared my friend haha.

The guy never gave me an after care sheet but just told me to clean it with dial soap, which luckily I never found at any store I went to. So I started off cleaning it with bactein that was half diluted with water. And the day after I got it pierced I spent pretty much the whole day in a car driving up to my grandmother's house for christmas. It didn't really hurt then. It was swollen a little bit and red and warm, but it wasn't inpain unless I hit it on something. Now trust me, you'll never understand how often your ear comes into contact with your ear until you get a piercing there, because boy did I snag that thing A LOT. And Christmas day, two days after getting it pierced, I woke up in the morning with dry blood running from the top ball all the way down my ear and pooling at my earlobe. I mean, that was a lot of blood. But I cleaned it off and cleaned off the piercing and it was fine. And I was actually pretty happy about that because that means I have good blood flow to that area which will ultimately promote healing. And everything went uneventful for quite a while.

One thing I learned though, or at least noticed a LOT more, is that my friends like to hit my ear a LOT. One time at lunch my best friend hit my ear so hard when he went to grab my face that I screamed. And I made sure to get my hair cut before I got it done so that wouldn't be a rpoblem either but brushing my hair was certainly hard.

There was only one other problem I really had and that was a couple of days ago. It has been a little over six months since I got it pierced and I decided to take it out for the day, which didn't seem like a big deal to me. It was pretty much healed, never leaked anymore and was doing fine. And I ended up spending the night at my friends house and I brought the bar with me, but I forgot to put it back in. So the next day around noon I remembered "Oh shit! I need up put that back in!" So I took a shower to open and soften the tissue a bit. Then I went to put the bar back in. THAT HURT SO MUCH MORE THAN PIERCING IT. The holes didn't close but had gotten quite a lot smaller. So I had to shove a 14 g bar into holes that were between 16-18. And with cartilage. Yeah, thats my favorite thing to do in my spare time... not. But I did it. And that time I sure as hell felt it in both holes. I shoved it into both holes one by one and after getting it through the top one I walked back into my friends room with clenched fists and jaw and said "Remind me again why I like piercings." Then I had to go back and take the bar out again and put it back properly in both holes. It was a pain in the ass but I certainly learned my lesson.

Since then it still hasn't been leaking much of anything and seems to be doing pretty fine. :)


submitted by: itsmylife84
on: 07 July 2011
in Industrials and Orbitals

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