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Why I repierced my VCH twice

Like many of my other piercings, I have pierced my VCH more than once. My VCH was my third "real" piercing. I got my first piercing when I was 31, after leaving a very conservative religion. After getting my nipples pierced, I felt like I needed to have a genital piercing to in order to feel complete. Getting a genital piercing was a way of reclaiming my sexuality and my right to decide what kind of sexual activity was "ok", even though I wasn't sexually active at the time. Also, I didn't find my genitals very attractive so I thought getting a piercing would make me like the way they looked more (I'm not that attracted to female genitalia in general--guess that's because I'm heterosexual). I had found BME while researching the nipple piercing, and I decided that I wanted to get a VCH because I liked the way it looked and because I had read that it could enhance my sexual pleasure.

By now, I had learned some things about piercing, so I went to one of the two shops in my town that has a piercer that is a member of APP and has various certificates on the wall proving knowledge of blood-borne pathogen training, etc. Before I went, I shaved, which is not something I normally do, because I thought that was the thing to do. I have since found out it isn't really necessary for this piercing, although trimming is a good idea. Chris is the most professional piercer I have ever been to. He took me back to a private room used just for piercing. I thought I would feel really awkward dropping my pants, but frankly it felt kind of like going to the doctor for a pelvic exam, only I was going to leave with cool jewlery at the end of it! Apparently, I have a small hood and I was worried for a minute that I wouldn't be able to get it done, but Chris decided there was enough room to do the piercing with a 14 gauge 3/8" ring. He autoclaved my jewelry while I was there, and showed me the strip of paper proving it was sterile. Aside from waiting for the autoclaving the piercing itself was fast. When the needle went in, there was a brief sharp pain. I jumped involuntarily (he warned me that would happen), but it didn't screw up the piercing. It healed up really fast. I did sea-salt soaks for four weeks like I'd been told, and also used some emu oil, but honestly it felt healed up in a week.

I kept the piercing for awhile. I switched the ring to a curved titanium barbell (internally threaded of course), which I found a lot more comfortable. However, eventually I took it out because I didn't like the way it felt and sounded when it came into contact with a vibrator and I felt a little weird walking around in (a much more liberal) church with a genital piercing, even though nobody knew about it.

The second time, I pierced it myself (yeah, I know, I know). I knew from pictures and from having the piercing before how it should be placed. Honestly, I can't even remember why I pierced it that time. I think I must have been feeling rebellious and upset. I find that when I am in this mood, a piercing makes me feel better. Not sure why, because I am not a pain junkie or into BDSM or anything. Maybe it is the release of adrenaline. I took the fluff off a plastic Q-tip and inserted that under my hood to make sure that I wouldn't hit my clitoris by mistake. THe old piercing hadn't even left a scar, but I more or less remembered where the needle had gone in. I bought a sterile needle on Ebay and put in the old curved barbell. It took a LOT longer to pierce because I find I can't just shove the needle through quickly when I do it myself. However, the fact that I am in control makes the pain easier to manage even though it lasts longer. I also had to deal with some bleeding, probably because I was so slow in piercing it. This time I mostly did LITHA (left it the hell alone), and it helaed up quick with no problem. Once again, I found that it got in the way when masturbating, so I took it out.

Fast-forward to three years after I got the first VCH piercing. I was dating the man that would soon become my husband. We are both committed Christians, but he is open to mods and has tattoos and piercings too. Now I am on a lot of medication because I'm bipolar and it makes it hard for me to orgasm. This is really frustrating for both of us. So I decided that it was time to resurrect the VCH because it would provide more direct stimulation and hopefully help. I did the DIY piercing again. This time, after it was healed up, I experimented with different jewelry and discovered a longer barbell provided more sensation and was easier to move out of the way if desired. I highly recommend trying different jewelry out with "functional" piercings because it can make all the difference. Right now I am wearing a 12 gauge 7/16" curved barbell. I've used a barbell as long as 9/16" in this piercing.

A bonus is that my husband really likes the piercing and says it enhances his experience too. He even told one of his friends that women with genital piercings totally beat women with tongue rings when it comes to sexual pleasure, lol! This time the piercing has been in for more than year and it is here to stay.


submitted by: goldshadow
on: 30 June 2011
in Vertical Hood Piercings

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