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A.S.K Studio - Worst piercing experience.

I went to A LOT of piercing studios trying to find somewhere that pierced cheeks with plastic bars. I didn't want metal constantly on my teeth...I came across A.S.K in Camden town, Pricey £40 a cheek but they were all very friendly & the studio - Although it felt a bit cramped was clean. I wanted longer bars because my body tends to swell up a lot with whatever piercing I have. They assured me they would give me the longest bars they had. The piercer himself (forgotten his name) was a guy with a bushy ginger beard. He was patient with me because I was constantly wanting him to re-position where the piercings would be. He was fast at piercing and at the time would of said - a really good piercer. I mentioned that the bars looked too close to my skin because they were already touching my cheeks...I'd explained I wanted LONG bars and that I thought these would be too small. They assured me they were long bars and that if I cleaned my piercings correctly they would heal fine....

Then the fun began.

My cheeks did NOT heal...In fact my face began to look like I'd put two golf balls inside my cheeks! The bars were imbedded on the inside of my mouth and started to even indent the outside. I couldn't eat anything, talk or smile & I couldn't clean my piercings correctly because I couldn't get to the entrance and exit wounds! I phoned A.S.K & Explained what was happening - They wanted to charge me for longer bars!! £8 each. My friend who has her cheeks pierced also spoke to them and stated that the bar change should be FREE because they had put in bars that were too small & that she has had her cheeks pierced for over two years and my bars were smaller then the ones she has in her fully healed cheeks. They just spoke about how peoples cheeks are different sizes...& maybe if I brought the papers in that I signed when I had them done...If the manager "remembered me" He might change them for free.

The swelling went down when I constantly cleaned and soaked them in a tea my friend gave me (an old remedy) but my right cheek started to get a lump next to my piercing underneath my skin...It was soft to touch and wasn't painful but concerned I went to the studio & kicked up a fuss. The women behind the counter said that it was an infection because I hadn't been cleaning them. Which I had been doing! With sea salt three times a day and my friends secret tea >.< ...Using antiseptic mouth wash and making sure I kept make-up and products that could irritate my skin away from them. I would normally clean a piercing about twice a day or when it looked angry...But my cheeks would ooze thick greenish yellow liquid all the time! - I hated going out anywhere!! But I’d just paid £80. I wanted A.S.K to put in longer bars! - But they refused to do it for free because they didn't currently stock the bars - they had ordered them but for the correct amount of piercings they already had booked and would have to order more...Which would cost them money - I was not going to give them more money. I asked them for the longest bars and instead of booking me in when they had them, they put in bars that were not even an inch long. - I also feel partly to blame because I trusted the studio and I didn't check the size of the bars before they were in my mouth! - (Now, I always ask to see the bars before the piercing is done - I now go to a studio I COMPLETELY trust... but this experience has made me paranoid!)

So I went to another studio the same day and asked their piercer what she thought. She was lovely! I just asked her advice and she seemed generally concerned!- She took about 10 minutes looking at my cheeks & tried not to move the piercing too much to distress it. She thought it was either a bad infection - Which she then said she would change the bars for me to long surgical steal bars because it helps healing or it was an abscess - If it was the later it was much better for the bars I already had to be left in. She wrote down a spray that you can buy and she gave me a ton of good advice. - It was an abscess. She also mentioned that "The piercer who pierced your cheeks should of known better! - when you bite this kind of plastic bar it makes an indent on the them & your cheeks wont heal because it'll be like tiny little pins constantly stabbing the inside of your cheeks and they are really fucking short! these are about the size of a healed tongue bar" - Well there went my thought of "He was a good piercer!"

The fluid that would normally come out of a new piercing and create the "crust" was trapped inside my cheeks because the bars were far too small when I had them pierced. The fluid that was trapped had spread into the layers of skin inside my cheek!

Thanks to the advice and knowledge of the woman in the second piercing place I saved my cheek piercings! I followed the advice and they soon began to heal amazingly...I bought bars from her and had them changed.

A.S.K Studio - as soon as I'd paid I was no longer their problem! They are NOT professionally bothered. They were rude on the phone when I spoke to them about my concerns and they had no idea what they were talking about when I went in personally! - Where as the second studio obviously have a strong and honest passion for piercings and take pride in you loving your piercing A.S.K lack this in all aspects.

I will NEVER go back to A.S.K & I will never recommend them to anyone!! - I'll advise people to go to Cold steel.

In my opinion A.S.K piercing and tattooing is an awful studio!


submitted by: Purple_turtle
on: 27 June 2011
in Cheek Piercings

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Wednesday, July 6, 2011 @7:25 p.m.
Great Advice dude, sorry u had such a crappy experience....what was the name of the good studio though?!
Wednesday, August 31, 2011 @6:40 p.m.
What an ordeal! It's scary that there are 'professionals' out there that are clearly less than professional! Glad you got your piercings sortted in the end, and good on ya for naming and shaming! I think if more people named the bad ones and reccomended the good ones piercing would be a lot better experience for a lot of people!
miss victoria
Thursday, May 2, 2013 @9:57 p.m.
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