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Guys, I'm Getting A Septum

Today is the 24th of June and my 17th birthday. Today, I got a pain in the nose and became a pain in the ass.

I'm not a noobie when it comes to piercings but I'm not a veteran either, so you can imagine my excitement/fright that I had when I declared to my friends that I wanted a septum piercing. I've had an interest for a long time mind you but it was more a thought of "How could you...WOULDN'T THAT HURT?!" and I figured that it looked kind of badass too.

So this week came and I was feeling kind of brave, so after one of my exams I headed to a place I knew well because they had done my nose ring before they relocated. I grabbed one of my over-enthousiastic buddies and told him what I was doing, he was down, so we went.

Unfortunately to my disappointment, my piercer wasn't in nor could they call her in so it was like.. whatever. They gave me a card for 10% off for my inconvenience so I took it and headed home. Bummer, and a sigh of relief.

Today comes and I'M STOKED. I promised myself I would do this (without my parents knowledge and consent) so I head to my local mall to do some shopping announced to my 4 friends "Guys, I'm getting my piercing today!!" and then I hopped on a bus heading to the piercing joint.. but it was headed the wrong way. However, my friend told me there was a "Piercing Party" and the mall this bus was headed, and I was hesitant but I figured "might as well check it out anyway..".

So we get there (at this point I had eaten enough food and practically inhaled enough drink to pop me like a balloon) and I'm shaking in my pants, scared as hell and needing to go pee. It was not a good look I assure you. And my friend pulls me up to this place, Permanent Wave.. and it's a hairdressers.. I immediately run the other direction because I've heard horrendous stories of shady places with half price piercings. I mean the place looked legit but still.. not a piercers though. My friend drags me back to "ask anyway" so I did.. and I was hesitant until the piercer came up. He looked amazing, over 00 gauge lobes, tragus, industrial, monroe, medusa, vertical labret, bridge, nose.. this dude had the works so I figured, I could trust him (my instincts, always go with your gut) so I sign the papers and pay 40 bucks (tip included) for my piercing.

I follow the piercer to this little room with my 2 girl friends because "they just HAD to see.." and he ushers me on to this bench that looked like it was straight out of the doctors office. My blood was rushing now.. I was scared, I saw the needle.. it was a 16 gauge, no big deal. He feels up my nose with rubber gloves on which was awkward because he was picking it looking for my sweet spot and he cleans it with alcohol while calling me smartie pants while I flaunted my knowledge about nipple piercings. We had a good awkward laugh and then he put the clamps. Owe, I mean it didn't hurt, but it felt like someone was trying to pull you by the septum... weird. Then I asked him, "what hurts more, the piercing or the clamp?" and he replied "the clamp hurts, but the needle hurts more". I freaked out. If I hadn't already paid I would have run out of the room and my friends would have decked me because they were suppose to be home.

So he got the needle out and pressed it slightly into my nose so I could feel the tip.. no big deal. He told me to take a deep breath in.. okay. And a deep breath out..pop o...pop OMFG! CHRIST! HOLY! S*! MOTHER UGGHHH!!!! .. I looked at myself in the mirror, needle in nose, eyes bloodshot, tears streaming down my face, heart pounding out of my chest. Holy Shit! I looked at my piercer and friends in total shock, "Holy crap.. I.. I.. I did it !!!?" That was the most pain I've ever felt in my life. On of scale of 1-10 I rate it a 7.5. I heard the pop, the initial break of skin, it was fine.. no pain. Then the PUSH through, that was hell in 2 seconds. When I finally got out of my initial shock, he put the CBB, I cringed. He flipped it over and cleaned it because I found out that I was a bleeder, I cringed, then sigh I did it. I asked him questions about cleaning and swimming, thanked him and went on my way home with my friends giving me props for having the guts to do it.

Now it feels like there's a booger in my nose because of the balls at the end of the barbell and sudden movements feel like I'm trying to pick a crusty glued on booger attached to a nose hair (painful) but it's okay.

Guys I got my Septum :)


submitted by: Quite_Simply
on: 24 June 2011
in Septum Piercings

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