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Double Helix, Double Pain

I've had an interest in body modification for a few years. After my first holes, I was satisfied for a few years. When I was 14, I fell in love with double lobes. After much pleaing, bargaining, and persistance, I got my second pair of piercings at 15. However, I wanted more. I set my eyes on a double helix after seeing a picture of a woman with a CBR on the bottom hole, and a stud on top. It was beautiful.

So I set about trying to convince my parents to let me get my cartilage pierced. My mom was adamant I would not be piercing anything else, ever. However, I asked and asked, and did my homework on what I needed to do to get pierced. My 16th birthday came and went, and I presented my mom with my argument. To my surprise, she agreed, on one condition: I had to keep my room clean til the end of the year. And I did, somehow. Quite difficult for a teenager.

The end of the year came, and it was time for me to get my piercings. I decided on a piercing studio in Dallas. My mom drove me to the studio, only to realize that she didn't have her license, and as such I wasn't allowed to get my holes. Dejected, I went home, to try again the next day and pay someone else to poke me with sharp things.

Wednesday came, and this time my dad took me to become holey. Since the staff at the previous studio had been rather rude, we went to a studio recommended by another friend in Lewisville. I nervously presented my birth certificate, ID, and my dad's ID to the piercer, Alex. She was kind and patient as my hand shook while filling out the forms that gave her permission to stab me.

With a smile, Alex lead my dad and I into the back room. I lay down in the comfy red chair, while Alex explained her procedure. I saw my dad look suspiciously at Alex's stretched ears, anti-eyebrow, and other piercings. He didn't like them, but I felt more reassured at the sight, for some reason. Alex cleaned my ear and marked it. It tickled a bit, and I tried not to giggle. Seeing the little black dots, I was ecstatic. I was really going to get my holes. Then it hit me: I was really going to get my holes. Suddenly I felt a hand gripping my heart, squeezing so hard I swore it would skip a beat.

Oh crap, I thought. This is going to hurt like a... A lot. I started to panic. Did I really want to do this? No, I couldn't back out now. Not after spending over a year working towards getting my double helix. Not now, not yet. I took a deep breath to relax myself, and reached out for my dad's hand to calm down.

I squeezed my dad's hand as Alex told me to take a deep breath. I didn't flinch when she shoved the needle through my ear; in fact, it hurt much less than I thought it would. Like a papercut, honestly. I smiled in relief, and Alex shoved the second needle through. That one hurt slightly more, but I guess that if you're getting stabbed in the ear twice in a row it won't feel like hugging a kitten. Alex slid the ball closures into place on the rings, and handed me a mirror.

Two rings hung from the top of my right ear. Little silver balls completed the loops. I gingerly brushed my hair out of the way more. It was absolutely gorgeous, better than I imagined. I couldn't help but grin when I looked at the two new holes in my ear. That much closer to my goal of absolute holeyness, I thought.

I paid and left, admiring my beautiful double helix. The bright silver rings dazzled me. All in all, not that painful. Quick and easy. And worth every bit of blood and pain. I plan on getting an industrial, rook, daith, navel and inverse navel, and anti-eyebrows in the future. But for now, I'm happy with the 6 piercings I have. Gotta start somewhere, after all!

For now, I'm going to resist fiddling with my rather unhealed rings. While the experience was satisfying, getting sharp things shoved through your body doesn't come without its consequences. And I must say, I felt rather silly when I first soaked my piercings in the sea salt soak. But I'm learning to be a better mommy to my baby holes. And I've been eyeing these beautiful black annealed titanium CBRs with a purple ball closure to put into my healed piercings. Until then... My double helix is one of the most satisfying piercings I've gotten


submitted by: LittleMissNutjob
on: 16 June 2011
in Misc. Ear Cartilage Piercing

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