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Fourchette Experience

While trying to do research before getting my fourchette piercing (http://wiki.bmezine.com/index.php/Fourchette) I was quite disappointed to find very little information about the piercing experience and healing as well. I hope this story serves as useful information for any woman who is considering getting a Fourchette piercing!

I was pierced by Six at Exotix Studios in Toronto, Ontario after being reffered to him by one of the girls at Adrenaline, as the piercers there had no experience with a fourchette. If you're in the Toronto area and need a professional piercer, Six is your man. I will be going back to him for any other piercing I decide to get hands down!

My appointment was for 5:00pm (just after a long day at work) and I was out the door by around 5:45pm. I would have been out earlier but Mastercard decided to give me some problems and I spent 15 mins on the phone with them, blah. Anyway, the time that this piercing takes will all depend on your anatomy.

After filling out the waiver, I was greeted by Six with a smile and he showed me into the room which was immaculate. I removed my bottoms and was asked to lay down on the piercing table (which was lined with sanitary cloth; exactly what you would find at a doctors office) with one leg to the side. It was very easy to make conversation with him so I probably talked his ear off as soon as the process began!

Six exclaimed it was "time to draw!" and I could feel the adrenaline kicking in. The marking/alignment was the longest process as every body is different and also because the placement is not as easy to get to. He was very meticulous and his attention to detail was great which I enjoyed because I'm the same way! To be honest I lost track of time during this process as we were chatting away but I would say it took roughly 10-15 mins to get all marked up.

The clamps were uncomfortable but I expected them to be. It was a very odd sensation as I'm not used to anything being clamped down there! Once Six was happy with the hold from the clamps he went and got the jewellery. I asked for a squishly ball to hold on to but he didn't have one so I received a ball of tissue instead; which was probably more useful since my palms were getting a bit sweaty.

I was asked to breathe in slowly through my nose and when he said breathe out, to let a long and slow breath out through my mouth and he would put the needle through. I wouldn't say it was painful, to be honest, just uncomfortable. It was all done in less than 4 seconds! I was pierced with a 12G curved barbell with clear jewels! I can't remember the length but when I update this story I will get the inital length I was pierced with. Six told me he will put a shorter barbell in once it's healed as it should be longer for now due to swelling. He passed me a mirror and I giggled with excitement. So insanely beautiful!

I hopped off the table and noticed blood on the cloth. It was the first piercing I experienced blood with but I wasn't worried. Six gave me some gauze to put in my undies. Unfortunately I wore white underwear that day, silly me. He went over some various cleaning techniques I could try out as it wasn't going to be the easiest piercing to clean! Before I left, I needed him to check one of my nipple piercings as it was giving me some problems. He checked it out for me and assured me nothing was wrong with it. I also needed him to loosen the ball of my lower navel barbell and he happily did that as well!

After sorting everything out with Mastercard, I paid for the piercing and it came to ~$170. I know there are places in Toronto that charge much less, but Six is one of the most reputable piercers in all of Toronto. Moreover, he only uses titanium jewellery, so I really didn't mind paying for the exceptional quality I received on all fronts.

The train ride home wasn't as uncomfortable as I thought it might be. When I got my VCH done, that was quite the train ride home! The minute I stepped in the door, I ran to my room as I couldn't wait to look at my new Fourchette piercing again! There was blood on the gauze so I decided to inspect the piercing a bit and noticed it was coming from the bottom ball. I made a mental note to keep an eye on it to see how long it takes to stop bleeding.

Before bed, I filled up a cup with warm water and sea salt and cleaned the piercing which consisted of sitting on the cup for 10 mins...very awkward haha! I went to bed with some more gauze in my undies just in case. There was a bit of blood again on the gauze in the morning when I woke up and I cleaned the piercing again.


Day 3: The bleeding I experienced for the first and second day has stopped, thankfully, but the piercing is still a bit sore. Still trying to find out the most convenient way to clean it! For the sea salt soaks I've found that a plastic cup has worked the best,, but again, it's still the most awkward piercing to clean!

1+ Month Later: Finally have a shorter barbell in and it is absolutely stunning! The original one I was pierced with was much too long by the 2nd/3rd week and was starting to be uncomfortable. Healing time was about 3+ weeks (although I expect it is still healing, just not on the outside).

3+ Months Later: Fully healed and very beautiful! xoxo


submitted by: scorpioxcutie
on: 06 June 2011
in Other Female Genital Piercings

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Artist: Six
Studio: Exotix Studio
Location: Toronto, ON

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Wednesday, January 25, 2012 @8:39 p.m.
I've been finding the same problems as you did prior to getting a fouchette. Your account has been really useful in getting a bit of first-hand experience of what to expect during healing. Thanks :)

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