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Birthday Present

This is gonna be a bit long haha, but this is how I got my lip piercing..

Almost 2 years ago now, I decided I wanted snakebites. I was talking to my friend one day at school. He had a few piercings, and he casually mentioned to me one day that I should get my lip pierced. At first I said no, it wouldn't suit me at all. But as I thought about it more, I started to like the idea.

At home, I experimented with fake lip rings, magnetic studs, even just eyeliner dots. I decided I wanted snakebites so badly. After thinking about it for a month, I asked my Dad if I could have them. The answer was a firm no. I discussed it with him, tried to make a compromise, even willing to give up 3 other piercings just to get them, but no luck. After a year had passed, I heard about a new piercing studio that was only a few miles from my house. I found out that they pierced under 16's with no parental consent. I realise now that this should have been a warning sign that they weren't very good, but it was my only option, as I couldn't order the needles online either. Me and my friend decided to go one day to get my lip done.

I walked down the alleyway to the piercing studio with my friend, a bit nervous. We went up the stairs to the studio, which looked quite clean, but small. It looked alright overall, so I chose to go ahead with it. I asked the receptionist if I could have a lip piercing and she smiled and said sure. She asked me my name and age to put down on a form (but didn't ask me any of the other usual stuff, which worried me a little). I gave her my name and she said 'You mum's already phoned up and said you can't have it done.' I said ok and left the studio.I knew I was in trouble before I even got home. My parents shouted at me, I got grounded for months. It was my fault though. The didn't trust me to go up town on my own for a while. I couldn't do anything, so I ignored the idea for a while.

Exactly a year later, the idea came back to me. I still wanted it really badly, and it was 16 days before my 16th birthday. The age I could legally get it on my own. I told my Dad that I was going to get it. I researched it, knew the pros and cons, watched coutless videos of the procedure online. I couldn't wait for my birthday.But 6 days before my birthday, I was talking to my Dad, and he agreed I could have it 5 days before my birthday, so it would heal more for school. I was ecstatic. The very next day we headed to town to get it done. This time I chose a more reputable piercer, one that had done most of my other piercings (11 in total).

There was a big queue, but it was mostly people buying body jewellery. I was soon at the front, and happily asking for my lip piercing. I chose the jewellery, signed the forms, and went to the room upstairs. I saw one of my friends getting her nose pierced. I smiled at her and sat down on the sofa watching Simpsons on the tv for a minute or two. The piercer called me over and asked what I wanted. I told him and sat down. He sprayed it with anti bacterial stuff and wiped it. Then he marked the spot. I didn't bother checking it, he does it perfect anyway and I trusted him completely. He sprayed my lip with ethyl chloride (numbing spray) and clamped it. I carried on watching tv while he pierced my lip and put the jewellery in, I chose a plain titanium labret. The whole process took only about a minute, he held a mirror up and I fell in love with it instantly. I thanked him and called my Dad over to leave (who was watching tv too).

It's the day after and it's looking great. There's no pain at all. It was swollen quite a bit this morning, so held an ice pack on it for 10 minutes and it seems to have gone down. I've also taken ibuprofen for swelling as well. I can eat like normal, just smaller bites. If you are reading this and planning to get a lip piercing soon, my advice would be eat ice cream and slush puppies as much as possible, it helps the swelling go down. Take smaller bites to avoid biting the bar. Clean it with mouthwash and saline twice a day, and of course if you have problems go back to your piercer.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 29 May 2011
in Labrets

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Monday, June 13, 2011 @4:52 a.m.
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Wednesday, February 20, 2013 @11:09 p.m.
Thats wierd that they had a tv, I mean, I don't know if I'd like it. On one hand Simpsons would totally chill me out if I was nervous and I'm sure it must help the piercer's feel more calm (As they are meeting a new person, trying to make a good impression, and stay focused so that they may do a job you can be proud of) but at the same time I feel like it takes away from the experience. I mean, you can watch TV at home, getting a piercings sposed to be a rush!

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