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first piercing

I have been thinking of getting my nipples pierced for a long time. Then one day came when I decided that I would get my nipples pierced.

I first made a call to one of the tattoo and piercing shop which was quite well known. I told the person which I assumed to be the piercer that I will be on my way down in about an hour's time. He said okay. To my dismay, when I reached the shop, he told me that he had a tattoo appointment at that time and that he was not able to do the piercing. However, he said that there are other piercers, which he knew. So I was asked to leave down my contact details while he did the calling. After writing down my contact, I left the shop feeling disappointed as the piercer could have told me earlier and I could have called another shop. I decided I will walk around the mall for a while while awaiting the call. After a while, I received a call saying that they are open and that they are willing to do the piercing. So I headed straight for the shop.

After a few corners, I found the place. The place looked kinda big as the entrance is quite huge. So I told the people there that they had called me and I was here to get my nipples done. One of the stuff told me to fill out a form while she started to prepare the tools required. Upon completing the form, I saw that the piercer was still gathering the stuff, so I waited for a while and glanced around. When she was done, we headed to this small room where the piercing will take place.

The room was kinda small but it was cosy and private. That made me feel comfortable and more relaxed. The piercer told me to take off my shirt and asked me which nipple I wanted to be pierced. At first, I wanted to get both done but as it was my first piercing, I decided to stick to getting one done first before deciding on getting the other side done. So, in the end, I decided to get my right nipple done, not much reason to it though. Then she started to do the marking on the nipple, making sure that it was straight. That took quite a while but I did not quite mind as I also wanted it to be straight. Finally, she was done marking the entry and exit points and told me to have a look at the mirror to see if they are straight or needs further adjustments. I looked in the mirror and I thought it was fine. I told her it was alright and she told me lie down on the bed (whatever you call it).

Now, I was feeling a little nervous because I was wondering how painful will it be because some people said that it was painless while some said that it hurt as hell. The piercer told me that she was going to my nipple and this is going to be the part that hurt most. Indeed, the clamp did hurt quite a bit but it was still manageable for me. Next, she was going to begin the piercing. I did not look at the piercing, I just stare at the ceiling while she told me to breathe. After a few breaths, I felt the needle went through and it was over. Then she pushed in the stud and screwed in the ball. She also asked me if I was doing fine. I must say the process is fast and it did not hurt as much as I thought it would. She then cleaned the area a little and told me that it was done. She also told me how to clean the piercing which was fairly easy. I stood up and have a look in the mirror. Wow, those new piercing looked great man. I should have gotten both of them done.

After putting on my shirt, I went out and paid the piercer before leaving the place. I also called one of my good friend and told him about it. He had been thinking of it for a while too. The difference for him is that he has already gotten a PA, so it was much easier to convince him that he should also get it done. After much persuasion, he also got it done in the following week or so.

It has been around six months since I got it done. I have been thinking of getting the other side done soon. Also, I am thinking of changing the jewellery to a ring which is more appealing. When that happens, another story will be told. Till that time folks.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 27 May 2011
in Standard Male Nipple Piercings

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