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3rd Time Lucky - My Nipple Piercing Adventures

I'd always been big into ear piercings and at most had 8 before I had to take half of them out due to work but at 17 I began to fall in love with nipple piercings on females. Being 17 at the time, I couldn't just rock on up to my studio and get one though as they wont pierce female nipples on anyone under 18. I of course found a way (not a smart way, mind you) of getting around this.

The first time I pierced my nipple, it was self done. I did a lot of research prior to sticking a needle through my nipple and had ordered a 14g hollow needle, clamps and a 14g 16mm long barbell, both autoclaved, to do the piercing. After getting the equipment I was incredibly excited about giving myself this new piercing and that night set things up. After giving the bathroom a good clean I lay out my equipment and market a dot either side of my left nipple. I then washed both my hands and the area I was piercing with warm water and anti-bacterial soap and put the clamp over my nipple using 2 pegs to hold it closed. The piercing process did not go as smoothly as I'd hoped as I found it incredibly hard to stick a needle through my nipple but after a good minute of pushing, I made it through. I didn't find the experience all that painful but was very light headed at this point. After putting the barbell in the end of the needle (it was externally threaded, I did know better but was being reckless anyway) and putting it through I had my, albeit wonky, piercing. I gave it a salt soak and slapped a bandage on for the night. The piercing throbbed uncomfortably but I managed to get to sleep. By doing a salt soak 2 times a day for the first week and sleeping in a bra it seemed to be doing well, no signs of infection or much pain. During the second week however I had a runway show and the too long barbell (I hadn't switched to a shorter one and should have gotten a 12mm long in the first place due to my tiny nipples) got caught on a lace garment and ripped my nipple slightly. That night, only 12 days after piercing it, I removed the piercing.

I do know that it is incerdibly unwise to selfpierce something like a nipple and I do not know what possesed me other than want of this piercing to attempt it twice but I do not recommend it to anyone and strongly advise against it. Go to a studio.

The second time I had a pierced nipple was a disaster and I had the barbell in for less than 30mins due to incredibly shoddy placement. This time I ordered from the same place but a 12mm long bar.It was about 3 months after my first attempt. I set up the same way as last time and set out to pierce my right nipple but for some reason, wimped out half way through leaving myself with nothing but a bleeding and sore nipple. STUPIDLY I washed the blood off the needle and put it in my cup of hot salt water before marking up my left nipple. I didn't use clamps this time and just shoved the needly through in frustration with myself for having failed with my right. The needle went through and I could see at once it was on a strange angle. I put in the barbell (a much better size than last time) and watched a couple of youtube videos before taking it out as I did not want such a silly looking piercing.

This is where I surrenderd to the fact I was only 17 and had to wait a few more months to get it done because, I was sure as hell not going to get it right myself.

The day of my 18th birthday I went into my preferred studio and enquired about getting a nipple piercing. I was told that the piercer who did it wouldn't be back till 5 days later so to come back then. When I came back in, 5 days later, I went up to the counter and asked again before being told that, yes it could be done today. I payed my $45 and signed the form before being taken into the piercing room. The piercing room was small but clean and felt comfortable. After sitting in the chair the lady asked me to remove my top and bra and enquired as to which nipple she would be piercing. She put on a clean pair of gloves and with a new marker, marked me and had me check the placement. Once she was sure I was satisfied I sat back in the chair and she reclined it slightly. She then got a needle in packing which confirmed it had been autoclaved and changed her gloves before measureing me for a bar (I did not have a choice between bar and BCR which I liked as it meant she knew what she was doing for this part). She then changed her gloves once she had gotten out a barbell, also in packaging. She put a clamp on my nipple and told me to breath deeply and she'd insert the needle on 5. There was very little pain during the piercing and it went smoothly. She removed the needle from the plastic sheath and snipped the ends before removing the clamp. The jewelery was inserted, plastic removed and ball screwed on (internally threaded). A gauze pad was taped over the fresh piercing and I got to put my bra and top back on.

She then went over the cleaning routine with me and told me to see her if I had any problems with it. I was then informed that it was a 14g 10mm bar. I internally freaked out about this but thought 'she's a pro, she did a couple of your ear piercings, she knows what's right' and didn't mention it. Overal I was very pleased with how this went.

Healing went pretty smoothly apart from the bar being slightly too short. I have still not changed this 3 months after however as I have not had time and it has not caused any problems bar minor indentation of my nipple either side of the piercing. The only hiccup during healing was when I got a bad cold which caused my body to go on mega-defensive-mode and try to fight the piercing. There was a decent amount of pus and a small lum formed in my breast next to the piercing. I went straight to my doctor and was put on a course of anti-biotics to solve this and after 4 days, the lump was gone and the piercing fine again.

Technically I am still healing at 3 months in but apart from a little lymphing, there's nothing to report as it seems to have healed up just fine. I do need to go and get the bar changed at some point in the near future to comething slightly longer. If my nipple had swelled at all a 10mm barbell would not a have surficed but thankfully my nipple was a bro and didn't swell. This is a major mark against the piercer in an otherwise, perfect experience. I now also know to leave the tricky piercings to the piercers and am thankful that I am now 18 and able to get any piercing I want without the infuriating wait to be able to sign my forms.


submitted by: Persanity
on: 30 April 2011
in Standard Female Nipple Piercings

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Friday, May 20, 2011 @12:46 p.m.
ouch, 10 points for getting it done but ouch.
miss victoria
Thursday, May 2, 2013 @10:01 p.m.
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