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Hypertrophic Hell

I decided one day that I must be cursed. This is because my mind and heart adore body modifications, piercings especially, yet my body seems to detest them!!

My first piercing was my navel, even before my earlobes. This was in February 2007. It was a well done piercings and I had no issues with. Earlobes followed in March. Then in June I decided on a nose piercing, a plain, simple stud through my left nostril. The process was slightly painful but well done again and for about a month everything was just great, it looked awesome, seemed to be healing fine and I loved it. About 5 weeks after the initial piercing I noticed a small lump appearing to one side of the stud. I carried on cleaning with the solution for a day or two but it continued to grow. It wasn't massive but was equal in size to the small spiked stud and stuck out like a sore thumb. Obviously, being on my face, I was distraught and tried extra cleaning and even popping (to no avail as it was solid). As soon as possible I headed straight to the doctor. OK so not saying they were useless but they obviously know little to nothing about piercings (same as me at the time) and treated it as a foreign object through the skin. This meant attempting to cauterize it with a tiny hot stick and when that failed they gave me some cream. This seemed to do the trick and after about 3 weeks the bump slowly shrunk (although didn't disappear entirely). Unfortunately it wasn't long until it reappeared. That was when I paid my piercer a visit. Being a shop as well as a piercing place it was typical that I went in on a day when the piercer wasn't there. Luckily the handy shop assistant (who later went on to become a good friend of mine) told me he believed it to be a keloid and suggested a twice daily salt water cleaning regime may solve my problem (this was the first time I'd been informed of salt water and now I swear by it for EVERYTHING!). Now 'keloid' is not a word you hear very often and I was extremely curious about the meaning of it. I made my way home, logged on to the net and googled this weird word. A keloid is a terrifying thing. The picture that assists the definition on Wikipedia is somewhat terrifying and apparently in most cases surgery is required to remove the offending lump. SH*T!!! Determined to find an alternate cure I carried on researching til I came across 'hypertrophic scarring’. The definition and pictures of this little phrase matched my problem almost exactly and thankfully the cure was a little less terrifying than surgery. Simple salt water cleans as my friend had said along with a lot of patience. It took 2 long years for my nose piercing to heal with the odd bumps and troubles along the way. For a while I experienced a problem where the slightest knock would cause a small lump of puss to rise on the side of the stud which then popped and disappeared. However it was May 2009 and I had a fully healed piercing! Most unfortunately a new rule came in at my work place which required me to remove the stud. I contemplated taking it out for my shift then putting it back in however approximately 2 hours after removing the stud the hole had completely healed up! (Damn you fast healing skin!!!)

Sadly my nose piercing wasn't the last of my troubles as in the December of 2007, nearly 10 months after initial piercing, my navel started to go a bit mad. Now this was one thing I never diagnosed. It had the small, hypertrophic style bead of scarring but only a tiny bit. The main problem was that it was sore and every so often a small bit of stringy, clot-like blood would come out of one of the holes. I popped back to the piercer and they sorted me out with a PTFE bar to keep in there while it heeled. Luckily with gentle, twice a day salt cleaning it sorted itself out and was fine within a couple of months. Hypertrophic scarring has been the bane of my modified life. It has occurred on my scaffold, rook and helix piercings but luckily, thanks to the wonders of the knowledgeable internet, I have survived it each time and it hasn’t caused me massive problems.

Roll on March 2011 and my incredibly great idea of getting a 3 point, vertical industrial piercing in my right ear. This one gave me HELL for the whole 2 weeks I had it! Not only did it bleed like mad (see my Industrial Explosion story) but when I thought my troubles were over I popped into a piercing place (not the place I had it pierced but in the same town) for some body jewellery. I asked the piercer if she could size the industrial bar for me and upon inspection of it told me immediately that I should take it out. Turns out my ear shape was wrong for the angles they had pierced and the top third of the bar was causing swelling which the bar was cutting into, she warned it may well end up enveloping the bar eventually. We discussed other options such as changing for PTFE or smaller bars and BCRs however we concluded that nothing would really help. So I finished off my shopping and mooched home, just a little bit gutted as it looked so awesome! I slid the bar out from the bottom and realised that the piercer girl was absolutely right, it had already cut a massive slit in the top of my ear. It didn’t hurt and the cut looked more like scarification than an actual bleeding cut. So it has been a whirlwind 3 years which have seen me clock up 22 piercings and then reduce the total down to the 13 I currently have. (There are a lot more ‘gone-wrong’ stories including my bottom navel migration and another nose stud!) I love my piercings and have my fingers crossed that now I have researched and experienced pretty much all the common healing problems I will be ready for anything that comes my way in the future! You never know though, all I can say is each one has been worth it in the end just for the fact that each one is beautiful!


submitted by: Tallula_Berlison
on: 05 April 2011
in Nostril Piercings

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