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Finally, my industrial!

Ever since right after getting my first piercing, I'd been wanting another. And not just any old piercing, but I specifically wanted an industrial. But I never had the money to do it, or whatever, and it kept getting put off for about a year. However, I just recently graduated from high school and therefore received a lot of cash from my family members. Which I immediately decided at least a small portion of should be devoted to sticking a metal rod through my ear.

So one day, an old friend and I were driving around looking for something to do. We had previously been talking about getting piercings anyway, and I had the cash to do it on hand, so when we passed by a tattoo parlor I propositioned we go in. The place (Freaky's) is a tattoo/piercing parlor with a gift shop attached, so we wandered around for a little while looking at the stuff they had in there. At the back of the store was their piercing studio in a separate room, which was quite nice-looking. I noticed specifically the fake fireplace, which was not precisely the atmosphere I was expecting from the place but hey, it's nice enough to look at. They had a book of their work on the counter, and there were several pictures of industrials that were properly done. This was somewhat comforting. (After all, I felt the need to be sketchy about a piercing place I really didn't know much about.) After we looked around for a moment the piercer came and asked if we needed any help, and I told her I wanted the piercing. She was a younger girl who seemed to have a pretty decent idea of what she was talking about.

I filled out the prerequisite paperwork and other boring stuff while she set up the needles and put on gloves, etc. I didn't catch much of what she was doing while she laid it out, but it all looked like it was generally supposed to for one not to get MRSA. I paid $45 for the piercing and the piercer picked out a 12 gauge barbell after figuring out which one would be the right length for my ear. Then she sat me in the chair, swabbed my ear with some antiseptic stuff and began the placement. After a moment of lining things up and making sure the piercing was at a good angle she showed me, and said that it would be the best alignment for my ear. I okayed the placement (it looked great, pretty much the best way to put the piercing in my ear) and then the process properly begun. The piercer changed her gloves and then started clamping my ear and getting some other nonsense ready. I've no idea, seeing how I was looking the opposite direction the entire time. Anyway, after a moment she instructed me to take a deep breath and then pop it was through. It wasn't super painful, quite a pinch certainly but not too much worse than my nose was. Except I was horribly misled by the first piercing to think the second one would not be hellish. The piercer put in the bar for the first hole, and then started to put the clamps on for the second. She told me to take another deep breath and then... oh, ow. I swear the needle felt like it took a full minute to get through my ear, and my ear was already sore from the first one. Apparently I was bleeding profusely, because I looked over at my friend at one point and she looked utterly horrified. Anyway, I had some trouble sitting still while she cleaned up the blood, as my ear was now acutely sore and I felt vaguely nauseous from the pain. After another seemingly hour and a half of her finishing cleaning the piercing, she finally announced I was done and I could go take a look.

Oh, damn. It hurts like hell, but if it isn't beautiful. I love my new industrial with all my heart. If I didn't, I don't think I could possibly stand to keep this thing.

Afterward she explained the aftercare. She gave me a little piece of paper with some tips for keeping my piercing clean and whatnot, and she also told me that I should use Dial soap on it. According to her it is 2-3 months healing time and I shouldn't sleep on it, should try to keep my hair pulled back, and I should attempt to keep products/shampoo/other nonsense off of it. You know, standard stuff. Then I thanked her and, in my pain-fueled haze to get outside and have a cigarette, didn't actually think about tipping her so we just left. Hehe, whoops.

After the piercing my friend and I met up with some other people, and we all sat and smoked hookah. My ear didn't hurt too terribly after the initial soreness subsided, but it hurt like a bitch whenever I accidentally bumped it. Which, unfortunately, keeps happening. Sleeping that night was kind of difficult, as it was fairly difficult to find a comfortable sleeping position. Over the past few days it's been pretty sore, tender and red. I've been giving it a good rinse in the shower every morning and doing seasalt soaks at night. The thing is tender as hell, but I love it so much. It seems to be healing very nicely, the placement is all good, it's excellent. The piercer really did a pretty nice job. Great way to spend $45.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 15 Feb. 2011
in Industrials and Orbitals

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