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DIY Prince Albert

I have been interested in piercing since high school, but growing up in a rural town it was unusual for most guys to be seen with piercings. This is when genital piercing caught my interest. I don’t know when I first saw a prince albert but it intrigued me and I just had to know what it was like, I knew someday I would have one. I didn’t turn 18 until the summer after I graduated so the idea was in my head for a long time. The first time I seriously considered it was my freshman year of college. It was the first weekend after classes and it is kind of a suit case college so most kids were home, so i thought why not? Well, I made it as far as to parking in front of the piercing shop and chickened out and put my car in reverse. If you would know me you would think I would be the last person to get anything pierced. Well the idea stayed in my head and after viewing placements of piercings and reading many stories of P.A.s I got the idea of doing it myself. I am not afraid of needles and I have a high pain tolerance so I figured I could handle it. I finally put this idea to action two years later the summer after my sophomore year. I was working in my college town which is dead in the summer, and my friends worked nights, so I had a lot of time on my hands. I did a lot of research and ordered my sterile needle and 10 gauge circular barbell. I decided on the horseshoe barbell so I wouldn’t need any opening or closing pliers, so this would make inserting it myself easier. I decided to go with 10 gauge because I planned to stretch it in the future.

Little to my surprise, I messed up the address and had the needle and ring sent to my home address and not my apartment at school. I was lucky enough it was right before a long weekend and I was heading home anyways, however I didn’t want my parents to get my mail and find a piercing needle. I don’t think they would have approved too highly of me piercing anything, let alone my penis. I lucked out and got home soon enough to get the mail before my parents were home from work. I opened the package and looked at the needle and circular barbell. This is when I knew I couldn’t wait any longer, I wanted it pierced.

I cleaned an area in my bathroom and washed myself up and tried to prepare myself best for what I was about to do. I chose the position I thought would be best for the needle and touched it to my skin. I took a deep breath and then came the most adrenaline that has ever pumped through my body. I took my time with the needle because I was doing it freehand and I didn’t want to slip. I think this made the pain a little more than is normal for a Prince Albert. After what seemed like 5 minutes, which was probably only 30 seconds, the needle was through the skin. I continued to push it through and out the urethra. This is when I thought to myself, I can’t believe I actually did it, as I sat there and looked at the needle sticking out of my penis. I stopped and took a few more breaths and got the circular barbell ready to put in. My hands were slightly shaky but I managed to slip the ring through the freshly pierced hole. It took me a few tries to get the ball on because I was so nervous, but eventually I succeeded. I looked down and admired my newly pierced penis.

I was very happy with the placement and success of my self-piercing. The feeling of the new piercing was a whole new experience for me, as this was my first piercing. It felt weird but also really cool at the same time. I made sure to keep the piercing as clean as possible and drank plenty of water because urination is actually beneficial to the cleansing of this piercing. The overall healing process went a lot better than expected. I did experience a lot of discomfort when it would get hooked on something while moving, or when I would roll over while sleeping, but this was for only a week or so.

My piercing healed very quickly and I immediately ordered and 8 gauge ring and was able to insert that in a few weeks. I continued to stretch it over the months fairly easy, with my last stretch being 4 gauge. The experience of the original 10 gauge is nothing to what the 4 gauge is like now. It is fairly heavy and noticeable, but it is noticeable in a good way.

Overall the experience of my P.A. has been excellent. I really enjoy having the extra sensitivity it provides and the fact of having something no one else really knows about. I would suggest this to anyone thinking about getting one; however I would suggest getting it professionally pierced. Also, to those pondering a P.A. the hole is generally permanent, especially after stretching to larger gauges. This wouldn’t be a big deal if the hole wasn’t in your urethra, so you get the point.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 15 Feb. 2011
in Prince Alberts

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