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My Septum

I'd wanted my septum pierced for four years, but had never gotten the courage to get it done. This was, in part, due to thinking it wouldn't suit me, but also not having the confidence to ignore that doubt and do it anyway.

Recently I've had a steady boost in confidence due to seeing a counsellor and getting my life in order - and I decided what better way to celebrate my new found confidence and comfort in myself than by getting a piercing I'd wanted for ages?

I visited a shop near my uni that several of my friends had visited, and although it was a reputable shop and was very clean, I was uncomfortable there. I just had bad vibes from the people waiting, and was ignored by the person on reception; when I finally had his attention I felt like I was being looked down upon. I decided then and there not to have it done in that shop, and not to bother going back in the future.

I came home for Christmas, and it was then that I saw my local tattoo studio was offering free piercings as a girl was doing a training course. I had already had 2 tattoos from them, and the studio was good, clean, and friendly; so put my name down for an ear rim and septum piercings. But I'm not talking about my ear rim here, this story is about my septum.

I felt comfortable in the studio anyway, but Hannah, the piercer, was lovely and filled me with confidence. She was nice and polite, and unlike with other places I didn't feel intimidated or belittled at all.

As she was a trainee, there was a man there teaching her how to do it and guiding her through the process; I was her first septum. Whereas a year ago I would have found that daunting, I didn't find it troublesome at all - I found it exciting, and was pleased to be able to help her so much.

She was extremely sanitary, and I was pleased to see her take the needles out of seperate packets just before each use - the retainer also came out of its own packet and was placed in a metal tray while she did the piercing. She wore gloves throughout, as did her tutor, and the needles were disposed of in a sharps bin next to the worktop. From what I could see, everything looked good, and all the signs I've worked out I need to check for were fine.

The tutor (I didn't catch his name) showed her how to position the needle and recieving tube on either side of my septum, then handed them over for her to do it. So, this was it. I held myself very still, my head back against the head rest of the chair. I had heard mixed opinions about how much a septum piercing would hurt - some say it absolutely kills, others that it barely hurts at all. A friend of mine who pierced hers with a safety pin said she hardly felt it.

For me it was painful. I could feel the needle pushing through and it made my eyes water; I could feel my nose putting up resistance against it, and it felt like it took forever to go through. But painwise, it was no worse than getting my ear rim done (which had been done just before) - it just took a little longer.

She then left the plastic tube bit (no idea what it's called) through my nose while she disposed of the needle and picked up the retainer; I laughed as it was funny to see something going through my nose, especially as it seemed like it was there but not - like when you look at your nose you can't see it properly so it looks almost see-through, it was like that but with a big white and orange plastic bit sticking through it.

She put the retainer in easily, then had to fiddle a bit to get the o-ring on the end as it was so tiny (it was a 14g, but that's still a tiny o-ring).

When I looked in the mirror straight on I couldn't see it - it was only when I tilt my head back or pull my nostrils up a bit that I can see it, which is perfect as I have to hide it from my grandparents when I see them, and I've been seeing them a lot while it's healing.

It's now been nearly a month since I got it, and it's healing nicely and not giving me any problems. It was swollen quite a lot for the first few days, and I thought it was wonky - but that was only because of the swelling. Once that went down, it seems perfectly straight; I'm extremely impressed and happy with it. My nose was extremely tender for the first week or so of healing, and is still a little tender, but much better than it was. I'm still having to be very careful when I put shirts on or take them off, and when picking up my dog (he always tries to lick my piercings, and a couple of times he's head-butted my nose - cue my eyes watering and nose stinging).

The only aftercare I've used on it is sea salt soaks with warm water twice daily, and leaving it alone the rest of the time. A couple of times I used savlon wound wash on it, but that was only after I'd been into town and knew my nose would be dirty because of it. It's a very happy piercing and is healing well.

I'm looking forward to being able to change the jewellery, but for now I'm happy with the retainer. It's so easy to hide - so far no-one who I haven't told knows its there. So until I decide to reveal it, it's a private, personal piercing, which I find to be very nice.


submitted by: Lizzy
on: 03 Feb. 2011
in Septum Piercings

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Artist: Hannah
Studio: Tebori Custom Tattoo
Location: Waterlooville, UK

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