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New nipple piercings

Around the beginning of January I decided to get my nipples pierced. I've only had piercings on my ears before (both lobes, lobe orbital, forward helix, rook and conch industrial) but they were getting a bit full, and I knew I didn't want anything on my face, or visible on my body (though I toyed with the idea of a nape piercing). Thought it through a week while I was on holiday then got it done on the 13th January. I went to Holier Than Thou in Manchester as I have for all my others, and after I'd filled out all the forms there was an hour wait which I've never had before (I've always been at weekends in the past). A girl in front of me was getting one of hers done, so when she was talking to all her mates about it afterwards I was listening quite keenly, but my experience was completely different to hers. One thing I wasn't looking forward to was the clamp I'd read about - I knew some piercers used them and some didn't, and this girl had had a clamp used, but when my turn came no clamps were in sight so I'd guess the piercer uses his judgement for each individual case. Her boobs were a lot smaller than mine so maybe that was it.

When it was my turn, I went in to the room with a friend I'd dragged from college and Marcus, the piercer (who's done all of mine apart from the forward helix and the lobes) was calming and comforting - he obviously recognized me, because he kept saying things like 'you know the drill' (though he still explained what was going to happen), and when I asked how much it would hurt, he said something like 'it'll be nothing for you, you've got so many cartiledge piercings now this'll be fine!'. Took top and bra off and he marked on the placements with a little wooden stick and purple ink, then told me to look in the full-length mirror to see what I thought - I said the right one looked slightly not-straight so he marked it again so I was happy with it. The for the piercing itself.

I lay down on the bed (he'd sprayed and wiped it down as I came in) and saw him getting 2 needles and 2 barbells out on the little metal tray. I was quite nervous by this point because I'd read all the horror stories of nipple piercing pain and had mentally prepared myself for the absolute worst by telling myself it'd be over within 5 minutes, but it wasn't that bad. I know people say 'don't hold your breath during the piercing' but I've never done that because Marcus always tells you when to take a deep breath in and when to let it out, and in situations like that I find it much easier just to follow instructions rather than think about it for myself! I breathed in and he got the needle ready, then breathed out as it went though. I can't describe what it felt like, and of course it's going to hurt, but it was by no means unbearable - not as bad as the conch industrial or forward helix for example (my rook was strangely painless). I can't remember whether he put the jewellery in before piercing the other one or whether he pierced both then did both the bars now (think it was the former) but I was standing up again within 2 minutes of lying down. Had a look in the mirror to make sure i was happy with them (I was, though I'm a double D and my nipples weren't hard for some reason, and I never think my boobs look good like that), then he put a large plaster-dressing thing on and told me to keep them on for 4 hours, treat them with salt solution twice a day (the info sheet gave all the measures and that) and that was it, clothes on and out, £45 spent.

I've now had them for 2 weeks and a day, and they seem to be healing pretty well. When I took the plasters off there was a tiny spot of blood on one, and there was a tiny bit of blood on the piercing I think 2 mornings later, but apart from that no blood. They were remarkably clean for the first few days - on all my ear piercings there's always been stuff round the jewellery in the mornings, but nothing for maybe the first 5 days. Now there is a bit, but not as bad as my ears, and probably about the same as my conch industrial is now, 5 months on (though I probably haven't been looking after that as well as I should - I stopped daily cleaning a while back - i might so it once a week now, but usually less). That's another thing about nipple piercings - I find them pretty easy to look after. I read somewhere on here that it's easy to fill a shot glass with salt solution and soak them - we didn't have any shot glasses so I'm using a sherry glass, but it works just as well - much easier than trying to soak your ear!) I'll soak each one for somewhere between 1 and 4 minutes (I'm guessing) morning and night, remove any gungey stuff that's there (softened by soaking), work the solution through the piercing, twist the bar then dry. It's just a bit of an effort at the moment cos the house is so cold, I've taken to putting a loose thick cardi on and fastening a button behind my back to keep it out of the way, to keep me warm whilst I'm doing it!

On a feeling side, it's all pretty good. They don't really hurt now. Seatbelts were a bit awkward for the first few days, but they were calm enough for my boyfriend to see and play with at 2 days old. I'd recommend a well-fitting bra (I have one that's a cupsize too small but a back size too big that I wore one day, and they were just aching a bit by the end of the long day). Sexually, I think it's gonna be pretty good. My nipples are hard more than they used to be, and if I'm not wearing a bra, in bed or something, the fabric of the tshirt brushing against them feels good, and playing with them feels really good! My boyfriend was wandering in and out of the bathroom when I was in the shower a few days ago, and he said 'you really like looking at them don't you!' and I realised I was actually looking at them quite a lot. I love them, it's also quite a sexy secret to have. I've told a few people, but most of my friends don't have a clue. I know some girls are funny about having a male piercer, but I think I would have felt uncomfortable with a female one! The friend who went with me was male too, and most of the people who know are - think it's a personal thing though.

Basically, I would definitely recommend it, I researched pretty well before having them done and it doesn't cause any irreparable damage - you'll still be able to breastfeed and that (though take them out before breastfeeding!), they're not as hardcore as you might think, they feel good, and if you don't want, nobody need know they're there. Just make sure you get them done somewhere good!


submitted by: aurumpotestasest
on: 30 Jan. 2011
in Standard Female Nipple Piercings

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