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The Beginnings/My Short Story

I’ve been wanting to be a piercer since I was in middle-school. I guess I've always had a fascination with the human body. I also had a deep fascination boarder-line obsession with the different ways the human body can be modified for the sake of beauty,sacrifice,ritual,religion,etc. I also found medical oddities, and freak-show literature, and culture very interesting. From virtually living in the Mutter Museum to studying the art of Joel-Peter Witken, HR Geiger, and others, I found my niche in what I am passionate about and what interests me the most. I knew I wanted to be a piercer since I was a child. If not a piercer a curator of a museum for sure. I had an idea of what I wanted to do, but didn’t know how to approach it. I started my research in high school on how one becomes a piercer. At the time I was too young, so I began doing my research. I didn’t want to wait until I was 18. I started my research with my parents. I asked them their opinions and experiences with the art of piercing, and I asked questions about the spiritual significant of body piercing. Then I began my own research to find out what the art of body piercing meant to me. (When you feel something calling to you, you should know the premise behind it), I researched body modification and its significance from around the world in different cultures. Long story short, I realized all this time as a child my deep fascinations I had as a child manifested into a desire to explore body modification hands-on. To learn mastery of my body and mind through body modification. To learn to love and enjoy it, to have fun with it, to celebrate it, in my own way, for myself. I taught myself so much, and look forward to learning so much more. I’ve learned to practice (on myself) what I was knowledgeable and confident with, and each piercing I give myself is a success, and I maintain to demonstrate what I can do. I have been looking for a quality apprenticeship under a well seasoned body modifier. While in search, I also learned a lot about people....

Where I currently live, there are people walking around with jeweled ear studs in their cheeks, eyebrows, and lips. There are nail salons in this area, with people claiming to be piercers, using a unsterilized ear piercing gun to pierce peoples bodies! A pawnshop/ discount store with individuals doing the same thing.shivers down my spine This is a serious problem. I learned; credibility, morals, knowing the law (state), is everything in this industry and the layperson is not doing his/her research before they make a move on a piercing. It is also crazy to see what people will do to make money off of the ignorance of others. As someone who is deeply passionate about this art form, I feel its my duty to inform these poor souls. RESEARCH IS KEY. I find that by observing the layperson making these mistakes I can identify what kind of people I will probably be working on, on a daily basis as a piercer. I know I wont get the folks who do their homework and come in ready.

I’ve also learned that looking for a proper apprenticeship is not as easy as I thought, I sometimes forget there are assholes in the world, and douche-bags that insist on perpetuating their douchbaggery.

I have had experiences where I called establishments to simply inquire if they were looking for apprentices, or if I could come in to show my work. I have had people hang up on me. LOL. I have had people approach me with rudeness and ignorance, and I never budged. I find that those who work in this industry and approach others trying to find there way with that attitude are insecure, and have ego levels that don't match their skill levels...then again I think they need to chill out and bring it down a notch. I would not want someone who carries that kind of ego to do any work on me, they are usually the ones to mess something up. I know this from experience. I am still in search of a apprenticeship with one prospect so far! So far I am also getting calls from word of mouth that I'm working towards the title of "Piercer" from establishments around my town. So, patience is a virtue for sure. I hope that anyone who stumbles upon this story of mine can relate to what I’ve seen and learned so far.

As doors of opportunity open, I can take my previous experiences as part of the process of being the best at what I want to do.

I cant wait to see where this experience called life takes me in regards to this journey on my quest to be a Piercer/Body Modifier.

Awura-Adzua {Raj}!


submitted by: Rahj
on: 03 Feb. 2011
in BME Culture

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Thursday, May 2, 2013 @10:12 p.m.
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