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My Horizontal Nipple Piercings

I don’t know what originally triggered my desire to get my nipples pierced, but I do remember that I used to be one of those people who couldn’t imagine getting them. In fact, nipple piercings used to kind of freak me out because I have such sensitive nipples. But slowly I grew to like them as I researched them further here on BME and looked at pictures to see what kind of placement I liked. I eventually started saving up the money to get both of my nipples done at my favorite piercing studio, Iris Piercing in SLC, UT.

I went to go get them done two days before Thanksgiving, mainly because I wasn’t going home for Thanksgiving (my parents aren’t aware of most of my piercings and hugging them would definitely raise some suspicion as I would be in a lot of pain) and because all of my roommates would be gone to visit their families, meaning that I got the whole apartment to myself so I could walk around topless if I needed to, depending on how my nipples were feeling during the initial healing process.

I convinced one of my roommates to come with me for moral support since I no longer have a boyfriend to drag to the piercing studio with me. I think that she was more freaked out about it than I was! We took the bus from our apartment to a bus stop about two blocks away from the studio. These are my fourth and fifth piercings at Iris, and my eighth and ninth piercings overall.

We entered the studio and were greeted by the receptionist (who is super nice, I wish that I had caught her name!). I filled out the normal paperwork and turned over my driver’s license to prove that I was over eighteen. I met my piercer Jesse (now I have been pierced by every piercer at Iris) and he lead me to one of the piercing rooms so that he could figure out what length of barbell I would need. I have very flat nipples so I was a little worried, but Jesse assured me that it wouldn’t be a problem. He also commented on how well my sternum microdermals had healed, which I was pleased to hear as I had tried to take very good care of them while they healed.

I waited downstairs and watched Jesse anodize the ½” 12g titanium barbells to a gorgeous fuchsia color before e put them in the autoclave and sterilized the piercing room upstairs. I spoke with the receptionist until everything was ready to go.

One of the best parts about Iris is what a calming environment it is. I was more nervous about these piercings when I was sitting in my apartment getting ready to go then as I was walking up the stairs to the piercing room.

I walked into the room and stripped off my sweater, tank top and bra. Jesse was very professional and it wasn’t awkward or weird at all. As I read through experiences here on BME, I read a lot of testimonies by women who were only comfortable with other women piercing their nipples. I honestly think that you should pick your piercer on ability and skill and not on gender alone. If the piercer is professional, then it won’t be awkward in the least. After all, piercers pierce a lot of different things; I don’t think that girl nipples are a big deal for them.

I stood up straight as was marked up by Jesse for one horizontal bar in each nipple, and he did a great job of getting them very centered and even. He was very meticulous about it, which made me very happy. And then came the piercing part. I lay down on the table as he rubbed iodine around my nipples, and he made some last minute adjustments and then came the needle. Holy crap this piercing hurts. I wasn’t expecting it to hurt more than my microdermals did, but it did. And that was just the first one. My roommate squeaked during the first piercing, and I didn’t physically flinch, even though it really hurt. The second one hurt a lot worse than the first one, but once it was all over they didn’t hurt so much anymore. They barely bled after being pierced, and Jesse cleaned up the markings and the blood the best that he could.

After admiring my shiny new additions to my nipples, I put all of my clothing back on and left the studio (I had paid before the piercing). The bus ride back up to the apartment was… interesting, bumps kind of sucked. It was very cold outside (we were expecting a blizzard later that evening) and I clutched my chest, trying to pretend that it was because I was cold, but really I was trying to keep my boobs from moving because my nipples were hypersensitive. I did manage to get home without any problems though.

Healing has been going pretty smoothly; for the most part I leave them alone. My nipples did bleed for the first few days, so I would warm up some wound wash saline in a shotglass and let my nipples soak, and after that cleaning off what I could with a q-tip.

For me it is more comfortable to wear a sports bra (the cheaper ones that don’t really support your boobs, not the hardcore workout ones that smoosh you flat) than to go around topless, but I have really small boobs and that could be a factor. Just do what is most comfortable for you. My nipples were very sensitive for about two weeks. They didn’t really hurt, I was just very aware of the existence of my nipples for awhile if that makes sense. After having had them for two months now, I have experienced no increase or decrease in the sensitivity of my nipples.

While this piercing is quite painful, it is completely worth it! I love my new piercings and I am very glad that I went through with them. Now I don’t even really notice them, and I can easily wear a pushup bra without any problems. If this is a piercing that you are thinking about, then I say go for it!


submitted by: gildedangel
on: 27 Jan. 2011
in Standard Female Nipple Piercings

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Artist: Jesse
Studio: Iris Piercing
Location: Salt Lake City, UT

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