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It can't be that bad, so just do it already!

Ok, so I decided that after getting all the facial and oral piercings I wanted, along with a few surface piercings, that I needed to consider a completely different kind of piercing. I gave myself some time and once again I looked through galleries and experiences to get an idea of what I wanted, and to have some ideas in the back of my head when I did decide to get pierced again.

I was curious, and decided to look at a category that I never considered: the genital piercing. I remember wincing at even hearing of someone getting pierced down there before, and thought that maybe the pain would be equivalent to getting kicked there, ouch! But what the hell, I looked at a lot of the pictures, and fell in love with the vertical hood piercing. I can't say that I'm the biggest fan of the ring look, so I loved the fact that barbells were commonly used in this piercing, especially compared to some of the other types I was seeing. I decided to give it another month to work up some nerve and read some more stories, plus I could use it as sort of a before Christmas present to myself!

That time came, and I had decided on going to Leviticus to get my piercing done, because I was more comfortable with the idea of a female piercer, and their piercer Jamie has several years of experience. It was one week before Christmas, and on my way, I was so nervous that I almost went on with my gift shopping instead of going to get it done! I sucked it up, and went on to the shop. Jamie was behind the counter, speaking with another woman about getting something done, and my stomach tightened while I waited to check in. Thankfully, it was only a few minutes before the woman left, and then I finally got down to it, telling Jamie that I wanted a VCH, if my anatomy allowed it. She replied that most women do, and we talked about jewelry, she was able to help me decide between a straight or curved barbell. I chose curved, because my clit can be very sensitive and a straight barbell would rest on it more. She had me relax a few minutes with the pond of fish in the lobby while she set up her piercing room, that helped ease my tension a bit.

She came back to fetch me, and we went back to the piercing room, where she asked me to undress my lower half, and offered to leave while I did so. I'm not too shy, so that wasn't necessary for me, and I did that while she filled me in on aftercare and. She then asked me to sit on the piercing chair, scooting to the edge of the chair while spreading my legs as wide as possible. This isn't easy, but I was way tense, so she asked me to lay down, and then she marked me and showed me, which was fine with me. She put the receiving tube under my hood, which I barely felt. I did mention I was nervous and wanted to wait a minute, so we chatted and then she asked me if I was ready. I was as much as I could be, so I busied myself with telling her a funny story, and she caught me off guard. I made a "Oooo" sound and thrust forward, but she already was done, with just the jewelry to put in. She warned me of a little pressure, and then I felt a little more pain, and she was done! I was super excited, but I felt really dizzy and lightheaded. She asked me if I was okay, and I replied that I felt quite worn out. She offered me a glucose tablet and some time to relax, which I gratefully accepted. After a few minutes, I felt great again, and jumped off the table to the mirror! I loved my new metal, and so I pulled back on my clothes and popped in the pad that I brought along. I went back out to the front, where I thanked and paid Jamie, and left with my aftercare and a bounce in my step!

Healing was very simple, I wash with Provon soap in the morning, do a sea salt soak in the evening, and apply emu oil after doing both. I found that my discharge increased, and I felt wet more often, I can't complain about that! A couple of weeks later, I tried out my vibrator and let my guy play with it. I find that I have to move around a bit to hit the most comfortable spot, due to my sensitivity. A month later, it's well healed and I have to say that I enjoyed it a lot!


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 27 Jan. 2011
in Vertical Hood Piercings

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Artist: Jamie
Studio: Leviticus
Location: Minneapolis, MN

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