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Painless Nipple Piercings

About five days ago I decided to finally get my nipples pierced after my boyfriend gave me a gift certificate to my favorite shop, Native Rituals, in Oak Forest, IL. I was hesitant to go through with it because I had heard stories of how much the piercing hurt and the aftercare/ healing time. Many people said it was the most painful piercing they've had. I also wasn't too excited that I would be getting these done in the dead of winter where my nipples are prone to getting REALLY cold, I only imagined what that would be like with a piece of cold metal through them as well. But alas, I made my way over to the shop Saturday night by myself (I find I can relax myself better when I get pierced alone, I can focus more on my breathing and thinking of my little happy place without any distractions).

I will only go to this shop to get pierced because of the high standard of cleanliness and professionalism that Johnny and the rest of the crew uphold. Johnny is a member of the Association of Professional Piercers (APP) and therefore has taken a number of classes that educate one in all aspects of piercing as well as proper sanitation and different techniques. Another reason I always see Johnny is that he only does free-hand piercing, meaning no clamps or tools are used for a piercing (making this particular piercing much easier than other stories I've heard).

So on to the actual piercing. After telling Johnny what piercing that I wanted and that I only wanted barbells, he explained that hoops/ captive rings aren't even an option because when a girl menstruates her breasts tend to swell and a captive ring (since it is curved, obviously) cannot find a straight line with which to rest and is therefore continuously moving and forcing the actual piercing to move and bend in awkward ways. Good fact to know. He then measured the length of my nipples to fit the proper size barbell (we went with a 7/16 length 12g). This was not awkward at all, since he is so professional it honestly felt just like when I see my doctor for a breast exam! Just another routine. After that, he made me sign the sheet to show that he had autoclaved the jewelry along with routine paperwork for any piercing/tattoo. He also continuously changed his gloves after touching anything. He probably changed his gloves four times over the 10 minutes the piercing took.

Once the jewelry had been autoclaved, it was time! He sterilized my nipples and the area around them. Then the marks were made for alignment and then I laid down on his piercing table. He told me to take three deep breaths, it is here where I usually just stare at the ceiling and think of lying on the beach because it always seems to calm me down, and on the third breath he pierced my right nipple. The piercing itself went so quickly because he does not work off of a tray, rather the needle is between his pointer finger and thumb and the jewelry is held in the rest of the fingers so that once the needle is in the receiving tube, he can slip the jewelry in immediately. It only took moments and because of this the pain wasn't even that bad (compared to my chest microdermals). Yes, there was a definite tearing sensation that felt quite hot but it passed soon, probably because my endorphins were really kicking in.

The same procedure was done on the left breast and was a little more painful probably because I knew what was coming. Afterwards Johnny cleaned up the little bit of blood and used Tegaderm (at my request, I LOVE that stuff) so I wouldn't bleed or have my bra rubbing against my fresh piercing. The rest of the night probably a few hours after they had been piercing, the aching really started to kick in. My breasts were very sore and there was a persistent dull pain. When I came home I found that the nipples had bled a little bit more, so it was a good idea that I had the Tegaderm put on. The next morning almost all bleeding had stopped and by the third day it had ceased altogether. What continues is the dull soreness and slight sharp pains when I accidently bump them.

Sea salt soaks and hot showers have been my method so far as well as just leaving it alone. I use sterile breathable pads because my nipples are VERY sensitive right now and have been slightly swollen the last few days. Today the swelling has decreased significantly but I find that my nipples have been hard for the last few days and are slowly starting to relax. I'm also very nervous of catching them on anything, so the padding combined with a sports bra provides some security.

It was not as bad as I thought it would be. If you can find a piercing who is knowledgeable and utilizes techniques that are swift and free-hand, the whole experience will be worth it and you'll have these adorable barbells to show off!


submitted by: rockerbritt
on: 27 Jan. 2011
in Standard Female Nipple Piercings

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Artist: Johnny Velez
Studio: Native Rituals
Location: Oak Forest, IL

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