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Tattoo Cherry Popped

During New Years Eve, I thought about getting something on my body modified, I just couldn't decide. I originally planned to get a septum or nostril pierced, but in the back of my mind I always wanted a tattoo. Granted I had been thinking about getting one for about three years now, but could never really get my head around what I would want attached to me for the rest of my life. Four days after that, I got my first tattoo.

I've always been a huge gamer. Ever since I could remember, I've always had a controller in my hands, starting with NES. Yeah, I know, it's not the same as Atari days, but I digress. Point being: I'm a humongous nerd. And being from an 8-bit generation, I've always found game sprites themselves to be great ideas for a tattoo. Mario had a significant impact on my life, since it's about all I played with with my brothers. I finally decided after a great deal of looking to get a 1-Up Mushroom. It's not original to say the least, but I liked it and was quite fine having that on me for a large portion of my life. Although I finally came up with an idea, it was still a few days before breaking skin.

January 4th, 2011, I get up, pack my bags, and head out the door as I begin to head home after spending an incredible week at a out-of-state friend's house. Around 12:00pm, I go over to the Happy Dragon in Portland, Maine to have lunch. After filling my tummy with chicken and tea, I look across the street at Coopa Creations, a tattoo and piercing studio that was open. My fiance and I had looked at another place down the street, and I apologize I cannot think of it, but it was closed and at this time I had about 4 hours to get on a plane home. I ate my fortune cookie, paid my bill, and decided to head on over across the street.

We walk across and head inside. After a little meet and great with the owner, Coppa, I showed him a picture of what I wanted, a 16-bit 1-Up Mushroom from Super Mario Bros. 3 on my girlfriends blackberry. He spun around and looked for the picture himself online, printed it out, and had it stenciled and priced in about 10 minutes. He told me to since down and give him a second as he got the ink together and to assemble the tattoo machine assembled. He placed the wet stencil on my skin after a good alcohol wipe and a quick shave, and started to trace the outline. This is where the pain was first intense, a tiny needle constantly jabbing into my arm. I knew it wasn't going to be as bad as a booster shot or anything, but it did get to me as he got close to the shoulder blade. To be frank, I was mostly starring out his window people watching. He finished the outline and began coloring in, starting with the black outlining pixels. This was the only time where he got me between the shoulder and arm, probably the worse sensation I've ever had, but after this, I just eased up and I could barely feel any pain. I smiled and looked at my girlfriend, and she barely notice a change in me.

After getting a good start to the outline, he moves on to the green cap. White would fill the cap spots and stem face afterward. As he filled in the green cap, my small-build, cardboard thin skin broke, giving a nice bleeding head wound effect on my mushroom. Sadly, I have no footage of this site. Coopa quickly had wipes on the ready, thankfully not alcohol pads, and filled in the white portions. Even with the blood dripping, he worked pretty quickly, and took about 40 minutes. I took the time to admire it one last time before he patched it up with gauze pad and some tape and told me to take it off after about an hour and lotion that bad boy. I lotioned up in the car a bit later thanks to my girlfriend already having fragrance free lotion in the car, and it definitely made an impact on how my skin felt. I got home back in Maryland around 7 o'clock. Unpacked, went to bed and started my week back home.

Aftercare wasn't a huge concern; washed hands before and after handling the tattoo, placing a think layer of lotion on the skin when skin became dry. Pretty simple stuff to keep in mind. The pain changed over the week, from a stabbing pain, to a sunburn, then on to a punched-in-the-arm ache, and then returned to normal skin sensitivity. The itchiness came around day five, big flakes begging to be scratched. But I've resisted every time and the tattoo is doing all the better from it. Nine days later from getting it, the skin has returned to it's normal for right now and is doing very well.

I'd like to give a huge thank you to Coopa and all employees of Coopa Creations. From smack talking Treyarch to talking about retro gaming, to even keeping in the loop when I missed the Ravens game. With such a wonderful experience with my first tattoo, finding a studio to do my next tattoo in Maryland is going to have tough standards.


submitted by: NoodleIncident
on: 15 Jan. 2011
in Geek Tattoos

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Artist: Coopa
Studio: Coopa Creations
Location: 114 Main St, Biddeford, ME 04005

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