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nipple fire

I have been in the slave lifestyle for 3 years. I have done things so extreme most dare not think about. Those that have heard of my experiences wish they could forget. It is impossible to unimagined something. They can only hope they manage to forget. My master loves inflicting pain and much to his pleasure I am more than willing to accept it. We push back boundaries every day. The scars I ware proudly tell much of my stories. I can only hope to add some of the emotions I encountered, the adrenalin and excitement of the moment. Things in which I have done have only created new questions of the possibilities that lie ahead. Part one: total destruction of nipple.

The abuse a nipple can recover from is more than amazing. I have sliced pierced bit and burned them. My favorite was the burning. It took many attempts before destroying my nipple into the wonderful little scar that is left behind. My nipple was pierced 4 times making a gorgeous set of balls circling my nipple. My first time experiencing burning was with a cigarette. My stomach would twist a little and my heart raced as the cherry touched the tips. I gradually was able to let mast hold it there for longer periods of time. I eventually got to the point it wasn’t enough and we moved on to candles. I came up with the idea of play piercing my nipples and clit. First we play pierced my points of interest and Master would hold the flame to the needle till they glowed red and pull them through my skin. Oh my god this some intense pleasure pain. One great advantage was virtually no blood since the hole was cauterized by the needle.

I got the point my nipples were so hard and full of scar tissue. I had found this small torch online it ran on butane. I ordered for mast. It seemed like it wasn’t ever going to arrive. Finally one day the small brown box was in with the mail. I was so excited and couldn’t wait for master to arrive home from work. I txt him and let him know it was here. I was waiting naked when he came through the door. He quickly got ready. He tied my tits off so tight they began to turn purple. He tied my hand and legs so I couldn’t move. He clicked the torch and it sprung to life in an angry little hiss with a purple flame to it. He made a pass over my left nipple it was quick but I felt like I was electrocuted as pain shot through my nipple. Redness quickly appeared and it was beginning to blister. Mast made another pass. They pain was some of the most intense. I screamed out, tears streamed down my cheeks.

Master looked in my eyes. We have this look we can read each other’s thoughts. I nodded to him. This is it I thought to myself. He clicked the torch back to life and this time he slowly burned all around my nipple and areola. He made circles around it in order to burn it even. I tugged at the ropes the pain was so intense and slowly the pain became less and I could smell the burning flesh. I began to control my breathing. The pain was still intense but I was watching my skin actually burn. I was amazed that there was a flame coming off my nipple it was on fire at this point. My stomach twisted in knots. My nipple was burnt and ruined this time. He stopped and smoke rose up from butchered tit. I could tell my tit was burned deep inside that heat had to go somewhere. My whole breast was dark purple with a crispy black nipple. Part of tip was ashes and starting to come off. Master poured ice water over my breast. This I believe may have hurt worse than the burning. My steal nipple rings sizzled from the water.

My head was spinning. I wondered if I crossed the line finally. Master untied me. A paced the floor taking deep breaths. Master enjoys watching me do this. I finally stopped walked to master. He pinched my nipple and it crumbled to black dust my nipple ring fell to the floor. I wasn’t expecting that I almost fainted. I caught myself going down. I sat Indian style on the floor finally i grabbed my breast and began to pick away the burned part. My entire areola came off. When I was finished picking there was a bloody, oozy pit about ½ inches deep. It was quite painful for weeks following I would literally squeeze my breast milking the infection out of it. I healed so slow and finally had this bubble of pink scar tissue.

The only regret I have is master won’t do the other nipple yet.


submitted by: KINGOFHEARTS
on: 23 Jan. 2011
in BME/HARD Fiction Stories

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Friday, March 4, 2011 @12:11 p.m.
I like very very much !!! Pics ??

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