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My conch – just keep pushing!

Shortly after I had my helix pierced, I started to get the itch again for another piercing. I started researching other sites, and finally settled on 3 options. Either adjacent to my helix, my tragus, or my snug. The tragus was looking unlikely, however, one Friday I went out to lunch, and our waiter had a most curious piercing in her ear. Right inside it. When I went home, I researched it and found that it was the inner conch. I knew at that point that that was the one for me.

I was a bit short on funds at this point in time so I decided it would have to be self done. Unwise, yes. I decided against purchasing proper needles, instead choosing to use an old sewing needle I had about. I suppose at the time I thought it was quaint. The evening rolled around and I was home alone. I scrubbed down my work surface, the earring and then needle. I didn’t bother to glove up as I don’t have sterile gloves in the house, and I figured I might as well use my manual dexterity to its fullest. I marked in the spot several times, as I knew it had to be simply perfect.

It came time. I felt a thrill when I heard the first pop – I was doing this! Then, I started pushing against the cartilage. Pushing and pushing, for minutes on end. I didn’t feel any pain at this stage, a dull ache and immense pressure was all I was experiencing. Finally, I felt the pressure ease, and I knew I had reached the other side of the cartilage. I thought initially that the skin would be easy to penetrate, but I kept pushing and feeling resistance. I wasn’t sure what this resistance was so I turned my lobe around to check and sure enough it hadn’t pushed through the skin at all, instead it was pulling the skin away from the cartilage like a rubber glove. I decided to get the job done quick smart, put an eraser behind my ear, and gave the needle a mighty thrust.

Finally – it was through my conch. I had a 2 inch needle sticking out of my ear. I then tried to thread the earring through. This didn’t work the first time – I was shaking for some reason so I dropped the thing, thus contaminating it. Eventually, after a few goes, I decided to just leave the needle in my now very sore and red ear, and call it a night. The placement wasn’t quite ideal, as I had gone too far towards my head, instead of the ample cartilage further out in the conch.

After a couple of nights, the swelling had largely receded. Nobody really noticed my ear during this time, but due to my healing helix, I was obliged to sleep in a very awkward position involving resting my head partially on my arm and on my pillow to ensure rapid healing and a soothing night’s sleep without too much jarring. I was cleaning rigorously with soap and water and salt soaking twice daily, but it was clear it wasn’t happy. An acquaintance mentioned that I might be reacting to the cheap coating of the needle. This seemed quite logical, so I prepared to change to a smaller, proper earring that night. I set up again, and just as I was about to pop the new earring in, I dropped the thing again! By the time I picked it up, fumbled around with it, tried to decide my course of action, of course the hole had closed.

I picked up the needle in a panic, and jammed it through again. It had bent significantly the first time around and I hadn’t realised, so as I pushed it through again, it got about half way, stopped, and then made a new pathway. I wasn’t complaining as it was far more pleasing than the original site. I got a set of wire clippers and clipped off the end of the needle, put a few o-rings around it, and called it defeat.

After another couple of weeks, I came back to it and thought it would be a good time to try again. Finally, this time, I didn’t drop the stud, and managed to successfully thread it through. It’s an acrylic and my body has no issues with it and is very happy! I salt soaked it for another couple of weeks to draw out any remaining irritation and to let the healing process start properly.

My next step will be to stretch it so I can wear appropriate jewelery for it. I get the odd occasional lymphing when someone grabs me by the ear or bumps it (as you can tell, I’m a little on the clumsy side and there has been several occasions when I’ve run into things - the ear always seems to take the hit!) but other than that, 5 months later, it’s healing very well!


submitted by: Mellenoire
on: 23 Jan. 2011
in Misc. Ear Cartilage Piercing

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