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Nipple Piercings

So I've had a pretty crappy last two weeks. And as everyone knows, piercings make everything better, right?

Well, at least I think that :) But I'm not technically supposed to get anymore, so I let the idea drift...until I heard my friend talking about his nipple piercing. And how much it hurt. And how long it took to heal. And how much he likes it. So naturally, I asked him to show me.

Hannibal did say we covet what we see. And I didn't want just one. No, I wanted to of those suckers. So I started checking around BME and asking around (my best friend's girl friend has one of hers) and everything I heard could be summed up quite nicely: PAIN. But shiny! And I like shiny. So I called up my friend and we made plans to go last weekend. Sadly, stuff happened and we couldn't make it to the shop. We decided to wait until today, and I have to say that was the second longest week of my life (the longest being the wait for my tongue ring).

So we hit the mall, then walked down to the shop (which I have to say, I love. Jes is amazing, and very nice both on the phone and in person). When we went into the piercing studio, no one was there, and as we went to investigate, we were greeted by a new face coming out of the tattoo parlor. He told us Jes wasn't in, but he could do it for us. I was a bit nervous at first, because I'm not super comfortable with whipping the girls out in front of a random guy, but then I realized that I'm putting metal rings in my boobs, and that didn't really fit with my shy personality. I'm glad he did it, as he was really nice about the whole thing and answered a bunch of my questions (many of which were about completely different things). Turns out he (his name is Ronny, by the way) was down from Scarborough.

So after filling out the usually forms, he took my friend and I to the back room, where he set everything up before asking me to strip down. He told me about proper care (which I had heard before, but it was comforting to know that he was telling me, just in case). He also asked if this was the first time I'd had my nipple pierced, which I'm assuming had something to do with jewelery, I didn't think to ask.

Despite the fact that I was clearly shaking, I was pretty calm through the cleaning/marking/clamping (which didn't hurt at all, by the way), until I heard him grab the needle. I immediately grabbed my friend's hand. He asked if I wanted a count down, and I said sure. Might as well know what's coming. He was doing my right side first, as I THOUGHT, seeing as it's my dominant side, the second would hurt less (Hahaha. No.). He started counting from three, but jumped the gun and pierced at 2. As I warned him before, I let loose with the obligatory sailor speak.

And then it was time for the second. The pain from the first had already stopped, and as I said before, I assumed that this one would hurt less. WRONG. He asked me a couple of questions (You ready? Do you want a count down?) and all I could answer was "Sure!", as I was starting to feel loopy. This time he pierced at 1, and it HURT. I mean, the first one hurt, but this was like having someone twist the one that just got pierced. My poor friend had to deal with me digging my nails into her hand. And then it was over. He had left the balls out of the rings until now, as the pliers he had for the rings (they didn't have barbells :( ) were odd, he said, so he went and got a separate set. The first ring (my left) was fine, but he had a bit of trouble with the ball for the right side, but was very apologetic and polite through the entire ordeal (which I a huge deal to me, as I was CUT with pliers a separate time by a different piercer who didn't even apologize, just swore).

By this time my nipples themselves had stopped hurting, but my underarm on my left side had started to ache. He said that it had to do with the nerves, and that it would stop soon.

After the jewelery was all finished, I got up to put my clothes back on. Getting my bra on was difficult only because I was paranoid, but ever since I put it back on I've had hardly any pain. I just have to remember not to cross my arms or bend over oddly (I'm a bit blessed in the chest department, so they hit things often). Granted, they're only a couple of hours old, so this could change!

After paying I stayed and talked to Ronny and Jes a bit (she had gotten back in) while my friend thought about an eyebrow ring. Both were extremely helpful in answering my questions about other procedures.

To anyone who wants their nipples done, but is nervous about pain...do it! It's over and done with like THAT! Plus, for girls, we actually have fewer nerve endings in our nipples than guys, so we've got one up on them (we're built to have small children attacking ours, they don't get to have the pleasure of breastfeeding). And remember, everyone is different; some people might say it didn't hurt at all while others say it killed, but the only way to find out is to do it yourself. So far, I love mine and I'm proud of myself not only for being brave enough to get them, but for not kicking anyone during the piercing!


submitted by: seika
on: 15 Jan. 2011
in Standard Female Nipple Piercings

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