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DIY Nies

So first of all, I know that nies piercing is not so well-known, so I'm going to explain where it is. It is placed on that particular part of skin where your ear joins your head. (You can see pictures in the BME Gallery) The idea of getting nies has crossed my mind a long time ago, but actually i've never taken it seriously. I was thinking that it would be awesome to have such piercing, but I have never seen anyone with nies, so I thought that this is for a reason and it is very hard or painful to get it done. So i just convinced myself that I won't have this piercing and I focused on other ear piercings. But after I get all my other stuff ingluding tragus, rook,4 helixes, my 14mm lobes and some more (all of them done by me) ,I was searching for something new and cool.

One day, while I was brousing around in BME i came across something called 'Nies piercing' in the Ear Piercing gallery and i was really curious what the heck this was. And when I opened the folder i saw the piercing which I was thinking of!It was even more beautiful than I was imagining it! So I understood that actually it IS possible and I decided that I will get this someday. But then a friend of mine introduced me the tongue-web piercing and I absolutely loved it; then I pierced myself, and I completely forgot about the nies. Until yesterday...

The day before i was in a shop in order to buy my new plugs when I saw a cute straight barbell and I bought it. When I went at home i was wondering where can I put it, and the idea for nies came back :) It was absolutely spontaneous, and I am convinced that the spontaneous things always came out great, so I happily concluded that I'll go for it. On the same day, I was very exited about it, but when I told my friends about my plan, everyone (some of them love piercings, others not) was like "wtf, are you crazy" because it is "too strange". But this couldn't discourage me, because actually I'm a person who always does what I have decided.

When I went at home, I told my mom that I'm thinking of getting my nies, and she was like "oh, I was hoping that the whole piercing idea was out of your head now, but if you want, than do it." My parents were totally against all kinds of piercings, but after a couple of years they understood that piercing for me is not just a fashion or something that I'll get sick of after a couple of months, so they finally started to accept my "piercing- passion". After I got my mother's approval, I was ready to pierce myself.

So, first of all, I decided that it will be on my right ear.I went to the bathroom, I washed my hands and put sterile gloves on. Then I cleaned the jewelry and the piercing needle, which I bought earlier that day from the shop, from which I bought the barbell,with rubbing alcohol and I cleaned the place on the ear with hydrogen peroxide.

Afterwards, I was ready to pierce myself.I have already pierced myself many times in the past, so I wasn't afraid, nervous or so. First of all, I marked the exact place. Then I just took a deep breath and I pushed the needle through. I expected that it will hurt, but actually it was the same as a normal lobe piercing.However, after that I put the jewelry into the needle and when I pulled it out, the jewelry got in without any pain.(For people, who are afraid of bleeding, I want to assure that there is no blood.) So I put the ball and I cleared again with Hydrogen peroxide. And voala, I've got a new piercing!

Now it's more than 24 hours since I pierced it, and there is no pain at all. I am very happy how this piercing turned out, and I will advice anyone who want this to go for it, because it's easy done and also there are not so many people with this kind of piercing, so you can be kind of unique. I will continue to clean the hole with hydrogen peroxide until it's fully healed.I am totally in love with it, so may be I'll get one on my left ear too. Remember that I don't reccomend DIY piercing, unless you don't know what are you doing, and if you are not sure whether you can do it, then ask a professional piercer to do it for you.

I hope my story was helpful for you. Peace :)


submitted by: comeasyouare
on: 20 Jan. 2011
in Nies Piercings

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Wednesday, January 26, 2011 @10:32 p.m.
be careful about hydrogen peroxide, although it's a good idea immediately after a self piercing it actually hinders the healing process afterwards. more of a first aid than a continued treatment type thing.
Wednesday, June 22, 2011 @2:26 p.m.
I was going to say the same thing about the hydrogen peroxide. I just heard a horror story about a girl who got a genital piercing and cleaned it with peroxide... long story short, they jewelry got sucked into the hole and got infected. Anyyywayyy.. You can take a look at my Nies piercing footage here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FB_yQIjdcBU
miss victoria
Thursday, May 2, 2013 @10:10 p.m.
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Thursday, August 20, 2015 @11:33 a.m.
Agreed with the hydrogen peroxide - personally, i wouldn't use it at all. Slow and moist healing with piercings is the general rule not fast and dry - as mentioned previously, hydrogen peroxide will hinder healing - althoug it was once quite commonly used as a healing supplement by body piercers :)

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