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Pretty Inner Daith

I didn't have a big Christmas. However, I spent it with people I love so I am happy for that... But, I felt the need to get something for myself. A gift. I love the excitement before getting a new piercing. And the piercings themselves always make me feel happy.

I searched online for pictures of unique ear piercings. I looked at photos of Rooks, but decided that wasn't what I wanted. Plus, that part of my ear is very small. While browsing Rooks I came across a photo of a Daith and fell in love. The piercing is just beautiful and the jewelry sits so nicely in the ear. I knew that's what I wanted.

The Tuesday after Christmas I went out to get my piercing. I was torn between two places to get the piercing. Once place is pretty far, but really well known, amazing, and I've been there a bunch of times and the other place is well known, but I'd never been there before. I decided to go to the other popular piercing place here in the city instead of the place I usually go.

The new place has several locations in/near the city. Also, everything about this new place was different. The store front and inside the store is a little less fancy and designed, the jewelry they prefer to use is different, the aftercare instructions are different and printed on plain paper instead of a pretty pamphlet, and also they are cheaper by about 5-10 dollars. I liked their prices! So, I entered the dimly lit small store and was greeted by the counter girl she asked me what I wanted pierced and I told her I wanted a Daith "Dayth", confused about the proper pronunciation I also pointed to the cartilage spot on my ear. She checked with the piercer to make sure that was the piercing. I handed over my ID, filled out the proper paperwork, and alerted them to my latex allergy. Unlike the other shop I frequent I actually paid first for the piercing. It seems kind of logical from a business point of view, but I'd never done it before. While I waited for my piercer to be finished piercing a younger girl in the back I picked out a cute nose bone for my nostril piercing (Extra money I saved getting the piercing done at this place). After the younger girl emerged bright eyed and smiling at her father I was ushered into the back. In the back there were several brightly lit piercing rooms. I was seated in one room in a chair that swiveled and moved up and down. My piercer grabbed vinyl gloves, prepared her needle and items and cleaned and marked the spot she was going to pierce and handed me the mirror.... I didn't like the position. I asked her to place the piercing further in along with my ear canal. She remarked the spot, but I couldn't see very well with the hand mirror. Though I could feel this time that the spot she marked was right and closer in. It felt like it was more inward right above my ear canal like I wanted. I told her thanks and that it felt like the right position. Next, she asked me to take deep breaths in and out because she was ready to pierce. I was super relaxed sitting in a reclined chair taking in deep breaths and I felt comfortable with the piercer even though we didn't have hardly any conversation other than the positioning of the piercing. I guess I just got a good vibe from this lady. (This was also my first time being pierced by a female.) I didn't even feel the needle go through my cartilage. There was some slight pressure when the jewelry was placed in a 16g CBR, but other than that I felt no real pain. After the jewelry was inserted my piercer said that the jewelry sat beautifully in my ear. I thanked my piercer and the counter lady and left. I probably emerged from the room with a bright goofy smile too.

At home I use this bar of special non-scented soap that they gave me at the new shop to clean the piercing with and I use Qtips and warm water with the soap to get into all the crevices. I'm use to caring for my piercings with SSS. Everything is going well now, but I'm tempted to use the SS Soaks just because I know they work well. Also, there is more pain from touching the area when I go to clean it then there was from when I got it pierced, but the pain is not that bad just when its touched with the Qtip. It's still looking great a bit swollen, but I think it's healing really well. It really is a great piercing and I love it.


submitted by: Feral_
on: 07 Jan. 2011
in Daith Piercing

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