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Polymorph Body Piercing, Australia -- Septum

A while back, either in bodymods.livejournal.com or stretched.livejournal.com, someone linked an amazing septum plug. I saw it, & I had to have it. Previously I'd never been interested in a septum piercing, but I suddenly fell in love with the idea of a plug that allowed me to see through my own nose.

Last week I received an email from Polymorph advertising a special for this weekend -- all piercings $10, although jewellery must be purchased at Polymorph on the day.

This morning I made the 60-ish km trip up to Enmore from Campbelltown. I got to Polymorph at around midday & the shop was packed. After a few minutes I was able to speak to one of the new staff members, but unfortunately I can't remember her name! I do know she is a new apprentice & she's been there two weeks now. She was very nice & extremely helpful. I explained what I wanted done, which was a septum piercing & new jewellery for my nostril piercing.

She had me fill in a consent form & double checked to make sure I'd eaten in the past four hours, hadn't consumed alcohol or taken any painkillers for the previous twenty-four, wasn't pregnant, a bleeder or prone to fainting & had no other conditions that might have any adverse effects. We then talked through my jewellery choices, as I hadn't yet been able to decide on exactly what I wanted as my initial jewellery.

We talked through the pros & cons of a CBB, CBR with or without bead as preferred, SS staple retainer or SS pincher. I initially decided on a staple retainer as I have quite a small nose & also said I'd like to have it pierced at 8g because that's the smallest size my dream plug comes in. She recommended I have it pierced at 10g instead as an 8g needle apparently can unnerve some, & that I could stretch it up in the future if I liked. She also told me that personally she loved stretching her septum, & that it was most of the fun of having it. I said sure, & picked out a neometal threadless labret with an opal end for my nostril. I'm not normally into opal but it's so damn cute & colour-shifty. Also damn near impossible to photograph!

She took me through healing & aftercare as well, going through their pamphlet with me & highlighting the relevant sections. After that she went out the back to find the jewellery I'd asked for & I hung around, looking at the cases. I also fell for the $1 coin glued to the floor up the back -- d'oh!

A few minutes later she came back very apologetic -- no 10g septum retainers. All they had was 14g, & at that point David (who is a co-owner & has previously pierced my conch & helix) chipped in that he doesn't like piercing septums at 14g, it's just for the customers who come in & basically demand it. He offered to give me a raincheck on the $10 piercing deal until he could order me in one, which was really nice of him. But, I wasn't totally enamoured with the idea of a retainer & happy to go with something else, so we decided on a 10g CBB instead. They also reassured me they could custom bend it to fit my nose.

About five minutes later & a little more peering into display cases (ugh now I want a clear earskin to wear in it when it's healed too) this time Bernadette came out to speak to me. She said she was quite happy to pierce it at 8g for me if I wanted, & had I considered a pyrex retainer? I said "oh yes!" & she took me into the back room to lie down on the reclining seat.

First she put on rubber gloves, assured me that everything was autoclaved & then had a dig around with a fingertip in either nostril. Her immediate reaction was "Aw, your nose is beautiful for a septum piercing!" & told me that my sweet spot is large & easily accessible. She also told me that at Polymorph they only pierce through the sweet spot, except for the very rare occasions when someone doesn't have one.

I asked if she should change my nostril jewellery first, she told me she prefers to get the piercing done & out of the way first before changing jewellery, & that she would have no problems getting in a threadless labret around a septum retainer.

After deciding on a spot, she lined up the needle & receiving tube, double checked, triple checked, asked me to take a deep breath & pierced it. Then I can't even remember what happened, it was so fast. I think there was a sharp sensation, but there might not have been. There was a lot of hot, uncomfortable pressure as she put the jewellery in & it sort of reminded me, pardon the analogy, of the second or third time you have sex. It doesn't so much hurt as feel awkward & little uncomfortable because there's suddenly someone pressing where there never was before, even though you know it's going to happen.

My eyes watered a lot, which she'd warned me about & I dripped a lot of blood down my face. I'm not usually a bleeder, but this piercing has been quite bloody.

Bernadette then brought me a little handmirror to check it out. The legs are so tiny you could barely see them hanging out of my nose while it was flipped down. Then she showed me the 8g needle before she disposed of it & said I was brave having my septum pierced at that guage for the first time, because 3.2mm is a bitch when you're nervous.

She asked me to stretched my top lip down over my teeth, pulling the skin taut & flipped it up for me. She brought me back the mirror to have another look & it's like there's nothing there. I have to look really hard to see it, & I know it's there.

Then she changed out my nostril screw for the threadless labret for me, mopped up some more of my blood & tears & sent me back out the front to pay.

In total the nostril jewellery was $75, which is expensive but I'm prepared to pay that much when I know it's the highest quality, & I expected the hefty retail markup. The piercing was $10, & the retainer was $30. All together that made it $40 for the septum piercing, which is still cheaper than the "ALL PIERCING $60" I see advertised in shitty places like Jazz U Up & Pattie's Piercing Parlour around where I live.

Bernadette & David took me through healing & aftercare again before I left. She also said if I had any problems to come back, & she'd replace the jewellery straight away, free if necessary. I've previously been told this by Ben & David before for my conch & industrial piercings, so it seems to be a store-wide, rather than personal policy. David reminded me again to sea salt soak twice a day, no other cleaning solutions, don't fuck with it, especially not with dirty hands, & sent me on my way.

...& I think that's all the details I can remember!


submitted by: saint_aura
on: 07 Jan. 2011
in Septum Piercings

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