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Old School Nose Rings

I've been fascinated with piercing since I was 14 years old, and I love all 8 that I now have (I'll be 16 in a few months). My mother was very afraid of the piercing process at first, having never been pierced by anything but a piercing gun as a small child in her doctor's office, and even though she had five of her own, she wasn't convinced. I tried to reassure her through my research and talking to people that it wasn't bad at all, and was rather painless for most people, and before I knew it she was taking me on trips to the local studio twice a year as a birthday and Christmas present (which occur during opposite times of the year).

A year later, it was nearing Christmas, and I was trying to convince my mother to let me pierce my nose, not once, but twice, on the right side. It took a while, but eventually, she agreed in her own way (which wasn't much of an agreement at all.) I called the studio and asked how much my piercings of choice would cost ($75-$85) and began looking up everything I could about the process. It's fair to say I was getting rather exciting.

A couple of weeks after my mother's agreement, I was talking to my friend Natacia, a retired piercer who I spend weekends with. She told me that she would pierce my nose for free, provided I brought her some jewelry to work with. I looked quickly online and found jewelry for $9, far more affordable than the $80 the studio was asking. I agreed to let her do it and told my mother of my new decision.

My mother, still reluctant, took me to the jewelry store, where I bought the cheapest nose rings they had. I left happy, and only had a couple of days to wait until Natacia would pierce me.

Once I got up there, she told me to unpackage the jewelry and put it into a pot of salt water she had waiting, where she dropped her (syringe) needle and a pair of hemostats she said were for closing the jewelry. I had brought along my best friend Caiti and Natacia's brother-in-law Dylan had stuck around to watch. She asked me to sit down on a stool in the kitchen, where the best light was, and we got ready to go for it.

She asked me where I wanted them, and we looked in a mirror a couple of times to make sure we were putting it in the right place. She washed up her hands and asked me to wash my hands too, and rub a little alcohol all over my nose, inside and out. (It smelled fantastic.) She debated for a little while how to pierce my nose, based on size and the desired location for the piercings.

She finally decided that we were going to pierce it inside out and she asked if I was ready. I nodded and Caiti took my hands. Dylan looked on with curiosity (piercing isn't his style) and Natacia got the needle ready. She asked me to take a few deep breaths as she lined it up. Right before she pierced, she said "This is going to hurt. A lot." and then she pushed. Hard.

When I opened my eyes, there was a good deal of tears, but I could see the needle so I knew I'd done it. She got the jewelry ready and went to put it in, aided by a little Neosporin. But soon we encountered our first problem. Natacia had bent the jewelry in the wrong direction, rendering it useless. I wasn't too surprised, as it was a really cheap ring, and we didn't have proper tools anyways. After a bit of searching, she found a pair of captive bead rings in her bathroom, and boiled them up, along with the needle to be used again, and switched out the broken jewelry for something that worked and wasn't total crap.

After it was all over, Natacia asked if I could really do it again. After all, the first one was a pretty bad. But I told her I didn't come up for just one, I wanted both of them. So we pierced again. Natacia was proud of herself that they both ended up right where she wanted them. I loved how they looked, although afterward I was a little put out by how much it hurt. I really wanted to sleep and not feel it.

Today they're still lovely, and I'm patiently waiting until I can take these huge rings out of my nose. However, I think my next piercings will be professional, as nothing I have ever pierced hurt that much or had that many problems involved.


submitted by: neadanyelle
on: 07 Jan. 2011
in Nostril Piercings

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