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My Septum Story

It was a Friday Afternoon. 2 of my friends had just come over to hang out for a while when I talked 1 into driving me to a local piercing shop called The Exotic Body in Sacramento, CA to get a Septum Piercing that I've been wanting for some time now. I had to be very sly about how I was going to leave the house, I knew in the very least my brother and my mother knew where I was going since I've been talking about getting this piercing for some time now and they just always knew when something was up with me. I of course couldn't tell my father because he's very conservative and even though he wouldn't have been overly angry that I got the piercing he'd still be pretty heated that I would go so far as to get this piercing which every one said would make me look like a bull. But I didn't care. We jumped into my friends car and headed downtown.

Upon arriving at the shop we walked in and there were at least 4-5 people who were already there either waiting for a piercing or a tattoo. I went up to the front desk and the piercer greeted me. Lisa was her name. I remember her because she had previously done my Cheek Piercings about a year or so ago. She was very friendly, handed me some paper work to fill out while she took a copy of my I.D and told me there'd be about a 15 minute wait time. So my friends and I sat back in the lobby and looked around at the jewelry and tattoo books. We sat back and looked around at all of the others who'd came in before us who were there to get pierced or tattooed. A mother and daughter pair came in to receive nose piercings together, a girl and her boyfriend were there to get her hips pierced and others came in for a labret or tongue piercing. All the while I started to become more nervous as I was seeing people go back into the Piercing Room and receive their piercings. It made me very anxious because I wanted my Septum pierced so bad at this point. I kept going through in my mind whether or not it would hurt. I've heard the nose is an interesting place to be pierced just because of the sensation you get. I mean my nose was sensitive to being itched I couldn't imagine what a needle passing through it would do. But there was no backing out now. After an hour or so of waiting Lisa went into the back to set up her station to pierce my Septum. My hands became clammy and I got almost tunnel vision. I always became this way right before I got pierced. All that adrenaline running through my veins made me excited and stoked and pain was non- existent. She called me back and of course my friends came back as well to see. I think they were more curious as to whether or not I would keep up my rough and tough exterior and cry or wuss out. But I was determined to see this through no matter how nervous I was or how much I could anticipate the pain of this piercing.

So Lisa poked and prodded around my nose for a minute or 2 trying to find my " Sweet Spot" and finally when she did she placed a plastic tube on one side of my Septum and the 16g needle on the other. ( I chose to go small for concealing purposes.). She told me to take a deep breath in, I immediately did so and closed my eyes. Then as she said " Let it out" she passed the needle through my Septum and big gush of air came out my mouth like I was going into labor. I had anticipated this whole time that receiving this piercing would be painful yet it wasn't. Lisa complimented me on how cute it looked and walked me back out to the front desk to pay for the piercings as well as give me Aftercare Tips and Advice. Lisa was also very good as making sure all of my questions were answered and that if anything were to go wrong with the piercing that after it had healed to come back in and I could get it re- pierced for free.

I have to say getting all rowled up over that piercing wasn't necessary at all. But it was because I was so anxious and just nervous that I didn't feel the pinch or pain of the piercings and got through it. I also think because Lisa was such a great piercer and very professional that it was very easy to become comforted in that situation and not have any worries.


submitted by: ArieannaGarcia
on: 26 Dec. 2010
in Septum Piercings

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