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Inverse Navel Piercing

The Decision

I had a standard navel piercing for nine years before it migrated due to wearing a back brace. I was pretty bummed to see my piercing go as it had been one of the only successful piercings I had had. So even though I knew it was migrating, I thought I would be able to take it out, let it close, and I could get it redone.

Well, six months went by and I realized the holes were not going to close. Therefore, I was stuck with two ugly holes that were too shallow to pierce or put anything through.

I got some advice and various sources stated they would be able to pierce behind where the original piercing was, and I thought that was great, but then by that time I was also considering maybe getting my inverse navel done as it was different and unique.

There were pros and cons to each piercing, so I didn't want to give too much thought about what I wanted to do until I talked face to face with an actual piercer. And with Christmas around the corner, I figured getting SOME type of navel piercing would be a great X-Mas gift for myself.

Selecting the Studio

I selected Zebra Tattoo and Body Piercing in Walnut Creek, CA as their reputation is great and I had pierced my (retired) snug there before. I made sure to look up the days Wes was there as I had an excellent experience with him before. Knowing I could go in without an appointment, my husband and I went today to get my navel done.

Before the Piercing

Right when I walked in I was seen right away by a girl at the front desk. I told her my situation and after looking at the holes in my stomach, she said they could pierce behind it, but if that one migrated, it would be worse. She then suggested we pierce the bottom, and secretly I jumped for joy because I wanted a different piercing.

I picked out my jewelry (a standard bananabell with a diamond head and ball), went through all the cleaning stuff with her, and waited about 30 minutes before my buzzer went off to get pierced!

The Piercing

I wasn't nervous because I had been through getting pierced several times before. I went into the room where Wes was, and he greeted me right away and put me at ease. His voice was very calm and he was super nice and gentle. He marked me and by that time my husband had come into the room. They joked around a bit which was funny, and then Wes told me to lie down on the piercing bed. He told me he would take good care of me, and I had no doubt.

I thought he would need to poke around my navel a bit or put some clamps on, so I definitely wasn't expecting him to shove the needle through so quickly after lying down. Granted he told me to take a deep breath and I should have known that was the cue that he was going to pierce me, but I guess I wasn't paying attention.

Anyway -- when I exhaled he poked the need through. It hurt! I wasn't expecting it to hurt as none of my other piercings ever hurt, but this one did. I was hoping he went all the way through when BAM! The exit hole. That hurt just as bad, as did the part when he took the needle out and threaded the jewelry through. I said, "That hurt WAY more than my first navel piercing!" He casually said, "Yeah, lower navels are a bit tougher than standard ones. I didn't want to say anything before though." HA!

But the entire process literally took less than ten seconds. I was actually surprised when he was done. I looked up and he warned me not to do anything too quickly as my face was bright red and I had to take some breaths. So I lied there for a few seconds and I looked again.

It was PERFECT! I got up and looked in the mirror and it was even MORE perfect! No blood and a little bit of redness. It was definitely better than I expected it to look, and I'm so happy I decided to get my inverse navel rather than a standard one.

I thanked Wes over and over. He seriously is one of the nicest people I've ever met, and he's such a great piercer!

It's been about three or four hours and the redness has gone away. It looks like I've had it forever. I'm not to excited about having to clean it for a few months, but it'll definitely be worth it. And it'll be all healed and ready (keeping my fingers crossed) for summer!

If you have any questions, feel free to contact me at [email protected]


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