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My very first piercing... <3

I’ve been wanting piercings in one form or another since I was twelve. For about three years I was dead set on getting my lip pierced; and I’m sincerely glad my mother never let me do that, because I really don’t want one anymore. Listen to your parents, children, sometimes they do have it right. Anyway, about two years ago I decided I’d really rather have a little nose piercing. Of course, my boyfriend at the time was horribly opposed, so I never actually got one. But then he and I broke up, and three months later I actually managed to get around to doing the thing. This was made all the more satisfying by the fact that I got to rebel against my evil ex.

Basically, the only piercing I’ve ever had are my ears at Claire’s, so I hadn’t the slightest idea where the best place to go and get it done was. Subsequently, I turned to the next best thing, which I figured was Google and I crossed my fingers that internet reviewers have some clue of what they're talking about. I found a place that appeared to be pretty well reviewed and not too far out from my house… I decided that since I had the money and the spare time it was time to go get it done. I figured it was best to go do it right then and there so I wouldn't chicken out, because I am in fact awful with pain.

I really didn’t want to go alone, so I asked my mom to come with me. My sister decided to come along too, because she likes to see me in pain. We managed to find the place no problem, and it appeared to be a reasonably clean and decent looking. That was a good sign, anyway. Of course then I told them what I wanted, and I quickly discovered that the person I had talked to previously on the phone had lied egregiously about how much it’d cost. I had thought that $20 for both a piercing and jewelry was a little on the low side, but having never done this before I foolishly believed him. Apparently it was $20 JUST for the piercing, and the jewelry was another $25 on the side. Fortunately I at least sort of listened to my gut instinct and brought all the cash I had with me. It wiped me out for spending cash but hey, I considered it a great birthday present to myself.

The piercer there was incredibly nice, she had a really cool attitude about the whole thing and seemed concerned with making sure I knew that this was all very clean, and I would be made as comfortable as possible, etc. (I'd tell you her name, but hell if I can remember at this point in time.) Which is good, because I'm not sure I have the balls to just walk out of a piercing studio after I've driven all the way down there because I decide I don't like the piercer or whatever. I was worried I'd have to do that. Anyway, she took me in back and explained all their sterilization processes and whatnot, which thankfully seemed very good and in line with everything I had compulsively read on the internet before walking in. Prior to the actual piercing she swabbed me down with alcohol and then put a little dot for the placement. I found it to be pretty much where I wanted, so we continued. After that, she told me just to keep breathing, and ta-da stuck a needle through my nose.

It hurt pretty much as badly as I was expecting to, honestly. Poking a hole in your flesh is fairly painful, especially if you're like me and you have no pain tolerance. But ti was over in about two seconds, not too painful or anything; the worst part was definitely putting the jewelry in. It seemed to take her forever to get the thing in my nose; the thing was one of those L-shaped nose rings so it was really quite painful getting it around the bend in the stem. Actually, I would say my darling family taking pictures the whole time was probably the worst part. Thankfully, my sister was too much of a wuss to watch, but she still found a way to set it as her phone wallpaper.

Once it was done it was mildly sore, but mostly I was incredibly excited to have a piercing in my nose. The piercer explained how to do sea salt soaks, told me how often to do them, etc. After said explanation of aftercare techniques and me shelling out all the cash I had with me (I only ended up having $5 leftover to tip the piercer… but I suppose it’s better than nothing) I was on my home with a gorgeous little stud in my nose.

It ended up healing very well, no problems with it at all. I sea salt-ed it every day for a month, and after that I pretty much stopped doing anything at all to it unless it seemed especially irritated. I'm not sure if I'm just terribly lucky or whatever, but I bumped it and ripped it out a few times (blowing my nose turned out to be a pain, I got a nasty cold shortly after I got the piercing) and I went swimming a few times when I wasn't supposed to, but still I never really had any issues. I've had it for... almost eight months now, I think, and I still love it terribly. Overall it was a great experience, I'd definitely go back there for any future piercings I decide to get.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 11 Dec. 2010
in Nostril Piercings

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