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Second "Real" Piercing

I've been feeling "the itch" lately to get a new piercing and decided that my trip to another city to visit friends would be the perfect time to do it.

I was tossing up between getting a nose piercing or getting my nape pierced, and I decided that due to the prices in the city shop as opposed to my local shop at home, as well as trusting my piercers back home a little more, it'd probably be better that I got my nose pierced.

Once I had my mind set on it there was nothing really stopping me, despite my family protesting that I shouldn't get any visible metal in my face. My first "real" piercing (beside my ears which I have done twice) was my septum and it healed up perfectly, not crooked and with absolutely minimal healing time, and although I wondered if getting my nose now done on the outside would be a clutter of metal in my nose I was still determined.

My friend and I walked into the store and it seemed very clean and well kept which I was happy with, and my friend (who has several piercings) had gotten a few here and said they were good, so I was at ease. The studio was spacious and rather bare, with just cases of jewellery adorning the sides. The woman who took my details and such at the desk seemed.. well.. stoned, for the better word, but I didn't mind seeing as she wouldn't be piercing me.

My friend and I looked around the store some, checking out some jewellery and such, I looked entirely through the nose screws cabinet and started to get excited - there were so many choices! Stoned girl helped me look through the nose screws and my friend and I decided on a silver screw with a small ball at the end, as I wanted it to be relatively small and low-key.

A few minutes later I was sitting on the bed in the piercing room at the back of the store, talking to the piercer as she popped the jewellery into the auto-clave and cleaned my nose. I'm sure she told me her name but I forgot, but I remember we talked about how long she'd done this for and I commented on her nose piercings on either side plus her septum.

I originally thought I would get my right side done but when talking to my friend she told me a theory that perhaps if I got my right side done, with being right handed and also wearing my predominant jewellery on the right side, that my right side may begin to feel a little cluttered. I agreed with her and the piercer also agreed that it was more common on the left side, so I gave in and went left.

The piercing itself was pretty unspectacular. I watched her take the jewellery from the auto-clave and unwrap the new needle infront of me. I flipped my septum down and she asked if I was ready, told me to take a few breaths and.. it was over! It hurt slightly more than my septum piercing (in comparison, though, my septum piercing weirdly didn't hurt at all.) and my eyes watered equally. I still needed a few tissues. ;]

It's been just under two months since I got it done, and the healing of my nose was pretty much as unspectacular as the piercing itself. I cleaned it when I got back to where I was staying and I was surprised to find a little dried blood (I've never bled from any of my piercings) but the healing's been great, second-best to my septum though, I'd say. The only little thing was I found I got a little bump on the inside of my nose around the piercing which my friend and I couldn't figure out if it was a keloid or a small abcess but with cleaning it went away in a matter of days.

Surprisingly, my septum and nostril jewellery get along quite well in my nose (despite my nose being quite small). I've had some times where I've had to unhook the inside screw when it wants to get stuck inside the loop of my horseshoe when it's flipped up but it's just a matter of around 5 seconds of finger-fiddling.

My family didn't seem to mind too much except for my grandparents, who are always against anything different and still don't know I have my septum piercing either. They're just going to have to live with it, though.

The most annoying thing so far was seeing the little silver dot in my peripheral vision for the next few days but I've learnt to ignore it. And now I have my lovely little nose piercing.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 26 Nov. 2010
in Nostril Piercings

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