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My poor, poor nostrils

It started as a hopeful dream of mine. I've dreamed of having both of my nostrils pierced since I first got my septum, which was when I was eighteen. For perspective, I'm twenty-one nearing twenty-two at the moment. I was always put off by the idea for fear that there was such a thing as "too much shit" in one's face. Not so much for aesthetic value, but what in the world would I do if I sneezed? Had a cold? Had a booger? Heaven forbid I lose the ability to pinch my nose in a tissue...

My sister's best friend went and did it. Her own happened to be the precursor to mine in that hers was a two-part process as well, of course hers was much easier than my own. Regardless, the envy within me was strong. My desire grew like a fire inside; now I absolutely had to have them, because they'd look way better on my appendage!

When I went initially, I was too much of a chicken to even think about getting both at the same time. If I had to blow my nose at all, or make a cute face, or anything requiring the services of my nose, both hurting at the same time would possibly physically overload me. I got the left one done first; such a breeze. I strutted into my local shop (not really that local, as it's a 20min drive from my town, but hey, I'm picky) and said what I wanted. I'd been there before, and I love that place. I sit down on the normal seat, wait for my guy to wash his hands, joke, flirt, talk, flirt, rinse, repeat. Needle in the nose, jewelry is shoved in. How I hate the feeling of the jewelry being put in! The worst part about the piercing experience, in my opinion.

Happy as can be, I pay, exit my shop, get in my PT Cruiser, and go home.

Days go by. I am no longer content with only one. I must acquire the other! Immediately!

So I go before work, so excited to finish my dream of having a lustrous nose that I just couldn't wait any longer. By this time I had acquired my piercer's number, so of course I had to text him to make sure he was there, as a natural born flirt would do. Terrible, I know. When I arrive, he's doing SOMETHING with some older women, I can only imagine. I knew it had to be a little more intimate, considering they were taking forever. Ah, I don’t want to think about it. That’s a bad idea. So I’m doing other things: I'm watching the clock, I'm playing BeZombied, I'm watching the clock, I'm playing Sudoku, I'm watching the clock, I'm checking Facebook; really? I’m beginning to expect that these women are going to be so horribly made of metal when they walk out that I would have the ability to make a terrible Iron Man crack.

But that isn’t them at all.

And then they come out. One is wearing business pants, a snappy blouse, hair tressed like she’s stuck in the 80s. The other looked a bit more modern and reasonable. Wound up the business lady was there for the piercings. I’m terrible at snap judgments, but it’s fun to be proven wrong. They don't exit immediately, but my guy takes me back. In private he jokes to me "I just saw some old lady boobs." I was so right. I tell him I'm jealous. He laughs. Enter flirtatious jokes. Again, I'm awful.

I don't tell him to go easy on me this time as I did before. I figure that by now it's implied. Needle goes in, jewelry starts, but something... goes... wrong...

The jewelry is bent in a way that it stabs something inside my nose. My eyes are clenched shut as tears are flooding, my foot is accidentally kicking him, purely reactionary. He tries to salvage the entry, but has to pull out and stick the needle back through. Pain ensues. Re-bend, re-install. I never bleed when I get piercings, but when I open my eye once the jewelry is in, there is a line of blood down the side of my nose. I felt so absolutely "brootal," though in pain. My poor nose.

I wind up swollen more than the first time for the rest of the day, causing me a great deal of paranoia in that perhaps they are uneven! My life would be forever ruined. I'd be heckled in the streets. I wouldn't be able to show my face in public ever again. I've been socially maimed. FML.

A week later, they are perfect as peach, perfectly match, and healing rather graciously. Despite the pain, the stabbing, the bleeding, the swelling, it was all incredibly worth it. Years in the making, I couldn't be happier.


submitted by: Robotease
on: 24 Nov. 2010
in Nostril Piercings

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Wednesday, February 20, 2013 @11:30 p.m.
That happened to me! Only.. I was the piercer. I was absolutely stumped as to what the problem was with the screw, this had never happened before. There was only a drop of blood but it was rather large. I wanted to cry, this woman had come in and trusted me to give her a piercing and I had failed! She finally got pissed and left and I broke down into tears, disgusted with myself and feeling as though I needed to quit that moment and uhg the shame. Anyways, I practiced piercing on cardboard and realized the trick to the nostrils screws is NOT to do what you instinctively want to do. I don't even think they should be called a screw, they should be called torques or something... thats what im calling them for now on.
miss victoria
Thursday, May 2, 2013 @10:20 p.m.
Hello dear, hope you are doing great, am miss Victoria but my friends call me Vicky i must say this i developed an interest on you immediately i view your profile and you are such a nice person which every human on earth will like to have as a friend and i was moved to let you know. please i will want you to writes on me via my e-mail ([email protected]) i have something very vital in my private life to share with you i will tell you more about my self when you writes back at me on my e-mail box. and you will get my pictures too. i awaits your response; remember love has no boundaries kisses.
Engel 6
Friday, August 19, 2016 @9:04 p.m.
I am going for double nostril plus septum as well! I got my right nostril done when I had just turned 16 (october of 2004), and my septum done on the 5th of january of 2016. Now that my septum is completely healed, I want to finish my nose project by getting my left nostril pierced beginning of next month. I adore the look of double nostril plus septum, and lately I am loving medusas in addition to that as well, but I am afraid 4 facial piercings would look "too much" on me.

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