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My Journey to an 8g

Like many other young pre-teen girls, I had my ears pierced at some random store in a local mall (it wasn’t even a Claire’s, it was one of those kiosks in the middle of the hallway in the mall that did ear piercings) with the dreaded piercing gun. My parents and I just didn’t know better at the time. I had begged for my ears to be pierced for years, and I eventually had to quit playing soccer to get them done (which was fine because I was terrible at soccer anyway and I hated it).

The trouble with them started about 6 months after I had gotten them pierced. I had followed the aftercare procedures as were told to me by the lady who pierced my ears (which I now know was absolute crap, do not clean any piercing with hydrogen peroxide) and I had never removed the initial piercing jewelry, but I had developed nasty infections in both ears. Blood built up over the butterfly backs to the point where I couldn’t remove the jewelry if I had tried. It took well over 6 months to get rid of the infections in my ears, but ever since then they have not been the same. Every time I wore a pair of earrings for more than a few days in a row, my ears would start to secrete this nasty orangey gunk or they would start to bleed. I thought that I just had an allergy to nickel, but the same thing happened to nickel free earrings as well; I figured that metal just irritated my ears. The secretions and bleeding didn’t really hurt, so I kept my beloved ear piercings.

After my ears had been pierced for about 10 years and I entered college; I started researching into ear stretching because I loved the way that it looked. I knew that I didn’t want to go very big at all, firstly because I didn’t think that large gauges would suit my small frame and small face, but also because I have a really conservative family and I plan on having a career in a conservative field. I do adore the look of large stretched ears though.

After agonizing over it, I decided to only stretch my ears to an 8g, it was big enough that fragile jewelry wouldn’t easily break as I took it out of the package, but small enough that it was easy to disguise if I need to, which I do when I visit my parents. Plus if I didn’t like them, I could let them close back to their previous size without much hassle.

I spent several months researching the best way to stretch one’s own ears and gathered the materials to get my ears up to an 8g. I bought acrylic tapers and steel plugs to wear in every size as I made my stretching journey. I stretched very slowly (my earlobes are about as stretchy as an old rubberband), never skipped sizes, left about two months in between stretches, and after about 8 months I finally had the size I wanted, and they were perfect!

It wasn’t until after my ears were fully healed that I realized that my ears had stopped with the nasty secretions and bleeding. In fact I hadn’t dealt with any of that since I had started the stretching process. I don’t really know why this is the case, but I figure that it has to do with the fact that jewelry in larger gauges is made of better quality materials like glass and implant grade metals, meaning that my ears stopped becoming so irritated. With the exception of sebum, my ears no longer secrete anything abnormal or weird. My ear piercings are much happier now that they are stretched, and I plan on keeping them this way.

If you are planning on stretching your ears, I say go for it! You can always reverse the process as long as you took the stretching slow. Don’t listen to the people who tell you that you aren’t hardcore enough if you don’t stretch up to sizes above 00g or something like that, because they are your ears and you can do what you want with them. There is nothing wrong with having a smaller gauge if that is what you want, just as there is nothing wrong with having large gauge ears if that’s what you want. Most people don’t even really notice that my ears are stretched, which is fine by me because sometimes that is what I want, and having a smaller gauge is more useful for my lifestyle.

Just be sure to do your research and to take it slow, half the fun of stretching any piercing is the journey to the goal size. Happy stretching!


submitted by: gildedangel
on: 13 Nov. 2010
in Standard Earlobe Piercing

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