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The Luna - Partly Planned but Mostly Impulse

My right ear has been very bare compared to my left, for a a very long time and it had been getting on my nerves since it was pointed out to me so a few months back I asked friend and professional piercer Tomm at Pulse if he could think of anything interesting to do, he nodded and said he'd give a think and let me know if and when he thought of something weird and wonderful – especially as pain isn't a big deal to me and I tend to be able to heal really awkward piercings easily (with the exception of micro dermals).

Fast forward five months and I headed into Peterborough without any intention of getting piercings of any sort; I had money to buy a winter coat and that was that. Three hours later I had exhausted all shops for winter coats and come up empty so headed for some food before going into Pulse; I still had money and I wanted to spend it so on the off chance of Tomm remembering I asked him if he had come up with anything funky; he had forgotten and stood and looked at my ear. We threw around some ideas of a scaffold from my forward helix through my snug and then a light seemed to switch on in Tomm's head; he pulled out from the display a three way belly bar and held it up against my right ear. “Helix.... Helix.... anti Tragus.” it sounded fun so why not?! Tomm had to change the black stems on the bar for longer more flexible PTFE for the time being to allow for all kinds of swelling but it was completely viable to use that bar instead of three separates (I seem to be able to heal scaffold type piercings easier with one piece of jewellery instead of two).

I filled out the form and told Tomm the short version of what Fibromyalgia is and that no it won't affect healing just the amount of pain I am in. we headed upstairs and I plonked myself on the piercing bed with my back to the wall and my bag on the floor out the way. Tomm lined up three needles, a clamp, a pair of scissors, the skin marking pen and the piece of jewellery in one piece for the time being; he used the jewellery to help mark up my ear where he was going to pierce.

As he undid the piece of jewellery Tomm asked me which of the three I wanted to get over with first and I said I didn't mind; they were all going to hurt anyway. He decided on anti tragus, then the forward of the two helix piercings and then the back helix piercing – apparently this was in order of most painful to least painful; after having them done I heartily disagree.

“I'm going to clamp the anti tragus and then free hand the helix piercings.” “OK!” “Anti tragus is going to hurt like a bitch. It's possibly one of the most painful ear piercings you can get.” “Had it before... it was a breeze.” And it was still a breeze this time much more of a pressure than a pain and yes – I heart it pop like I heard my tragus pop, apparently I'm weird because very few people do. Next up was the more forward of the two helix piercings “most people say the one closest to the head is kinda sore...” oooh that was an understatement! By this time my anti tragus, with it's cannula was slightly sore and starting to swell and I actually thought my ear was being ripped off when the first helix piercing was done; the second was easy – I didnt actually feel that one.

We stopped to take pictures of the cannulas in my ear but did it quick because the forward of the two helix piercings was REALLY stinging so Tomm wanted to get the jewellery in to lessen the discomfort.

First one in was my anti tragus which was really sore to change but that was the most awkward to put in, Tomm then attached the large gemmed ball that the other two stems would attach to – forward of the helix was next, the changeover made my eyes water but screwing the the post to the gemmed ball was pain free. Last changeover didn't hurt at all and Tomm had to tell me he was done changing them over, just time for another quick picture of the finished product and we were done.

There was very little blood over all, I wish I could say the same for the pain aspect; it's quite odd really and hard to explain. Ten minutes after it was completed I had burning pain throughout my whole ear and then once that subsided I had shooting stabbing pains where the piercings were that ebbed away and have since turned into an ache that covers the piercings, my conch, the back of my ear and the area immediately behind my ear on my head then down into my neck and jawline. I had a similar experience with my double scaffolds in my left ear but with this one having three fresh piercings it's a little more intense. The head ache has subsided a little with the help of some painkillers and should hopefully ease off completely over the next week.

I awoke at 3AM on day two of the piercing to find I was laying on it; I had to extract myself from the pillow carefully but I was happy to find no blood at all, I'm taking this as a good sign.

After a quick search neither me or Tomm could find anything like what I have and so we have named it “The Luna” (My model name is Luna) although if anyone knows of another name for it then I will happily call it that instead.

A few people have asked me the question “What about ear buds?” well I am happy to say I can easily fit my ear buds in, they don't cause an issue although it does take a little manoeuvring to get the right one in it doesn't put any pressure on the bottom bar of the three way.

I go back in two weeks (before the 26th November) to have the ends of the PTFE trimmed down so they don't catch as much, by then the swelling will have done its worst with any luck and then in a few months HOPEFULLY when it's much happier the PTFE will be changed to blackline titanium bars; the bottom bar to my anti tragus will be slightly bent at an angle where it goes through my anti tragus but other than that no special bars needed!!


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on: 13 Nov. 2010
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