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DIY Snug

I was looking around BME and noticed that while there are a bunch of stories about people's snug experiences, they were all about professional piercings. Mine is a DIY job, so I was thinking, whoa.... am I the only one who has done this myself? And even if I'm not, I'm still the first person writing about it :) I have 10 DIY piercings (a couple of lobes that I have since stretched, a few helixes, a tragus, a tongue web, and a septum) and I love them all. Piercing myself is something that other people never seem to get, but I love the endorphin rush I get afterwards, and I love how they look, so I'm going to keep doing it even though I know I'd be in a lot of shit if my parents ever found out.

I'm not going to lie and say this was a quick and easy piercing, because it really wasn't. I'd say it took about an hour, maybe even more, for my snug to be a success. What I did first was sterilize everything. Everything being a sewing needle and a bunch of (surgical stainless steel) earrings. I boiled them all for about an hour, then soaked them in rubbing alcohol for another 15 minutes. That was it, I was ready. I have a fairly prominent snug, so I knew exactly where I wanted it. I pushed the needle through, just as I had it the past, using a thick piece of foam in place of a piercing cork to push against. There was no pain, just slight pressure, but once I removed the foam, I didn't like the placement. Instead of going through all that cartilage, I went way too shallow and went through the skin instead. I didn't like it, so I took it out. It started to swell, which I expected, and I left it alone for a few hours, and re-sterilized my needle before trying again.

On round two, my snug was still noticeably swollen, but had gone down quite a bit. It was as good a time as any to go again. I probably should've waited a few days, but I really wanted to pierce something right then, so I re-pierced it anyway. The second time, it was PERFECT. I didn't use the foam this time, and ended up piercing it a lot slower. It wasn't more painful or anything, but there was definitely more pressure. I got through all the cartilage, and it was exactly how I wanted it. I left the needle in for about 10 minutes, took that out, and put in a regular 18g earring. It slid in, no problem. I left that in for about 10 minutes (probably a little more), then tried to put a 14g taper through, to stretch it in preparation for my 16g barbell. But the taper refused to go in. Every couple of minutes I had to put the 18g earring in to make sure the hole wouldn't close up. A few times I even gave up and just left the stud in for a while so I could take a break. It was so stressful. But finally, FINALLY, I got the taper through. I kept it in for 10 minutes, but didn't celebrate this as victory quite yet. There was still the barbell to take care of. I sort of had to force it in, but it did go, and THAT'S when I celebrated. I screwed the ball on and admired my snug. It was super swollen, but it looked amazing. Two days later, it's still swollen, but I don't regret any of it.

Everything I've read about this piercing has said that the snug is a notoriously slow healer and swells A LOT. So if yours is swollen, fear not, that's normal. I've only had mine done for two days at the time of writing this, and yeah, it's pretty damn swollen. There's a significant difference in size between my pierced and unpierced snugs. But after all the abuse I put it through, I'm surprised there's no pain. The pain is about the same as a healing helix piercing. Sure, it's sore, but it's not "OMG MY EAR'S GOING TO FALL OFF" pain. I've been taking ibuprofen for the swelling, and I'm doing chamomile tea soaks to help with that as well. I'm experiencing minimal crusties, and I'm not touching it AT ALL. Basically, I clean it with a warm damp cotton ball in the morning, do a chamomile soak in the afternoon, and put it under running warm water from my shower at night. All and all it's going really well. Remember, if you have this piercing, or you're thinking about getting it, PATIENCE IS KEY. I've read that healing can take up to a year, swelling lasts for a while and flares up from time to time, and that sucks, but just know that it's completely normal. Don't sleep on it, keep it clean, and eventually it will heal.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 11 Nov. 2010
in Snug Piercing

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Friday, November 26, 2010 @8:46 p.m.
thank u for what u have had to say about it cuz i think thats what i want to get next
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